☆About Me

Hi, my name is Shura~ ☆

☆Birthday: December 25.

☆Location: Canberra, Australia.

☆Nationality: A whole lot of white and a whole lot of makeup. 

☆Height: 172cm/5'6(/?)

☆Weight: 52kg/114lbs
☆Skin Type: Super dry~  щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

☆Favourite music: palet, Secret, Oh My Girl, April, G.Na, NC.A, Shannon Williams, Hello Venus.

☆Likes: tsum tsums, tea, cute things, korohamu, cotton candy, rabbits, Harvest Moon, cosplay, travelling with wonderful people, bears, phone charms, lights, piercings, Sims, makeup, curled hair, clothes, platforms, instagram, rilakkuma, octopus, cute people, literature relating to fae.

☆Current camera: Samsung Galaxy 5/Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 ~

☆OTHER: twitter 1 (k+jpop collection stuff) / 2 (cos/anime stuff) / 3 (toy stuff)| tumblr | instagram 


  1. hi! it was lovely meeting you today at the Dove event!
    haha I didn't know you liked T-ARA? My favourite girl band too!!

    lol i love hello venus as well ^_^ x

    hope to see you at the next event

    visit me at heylinni. blogspot.com
    fun, fashion and ulzzang

    1. Ahhh, hi! ;o; it was wonderful meeting you too! :>
      And I doooooooooo~ ;o; absolute favourite girl band jngjjx ;o;

      And definitely~ :> I really can't wait for the next event because the Dove one was fun. ;uu; ~

  2. Where are you from?! You look like a mix of caucasian and asian ethnicity! Kawaaaaiii :D

  3. I'm from Australia, I'm just caucasian. LOL