Monday, May 5, 2014

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume

 SO I am finally back after what, four months? of being completely unable to write reviews. I kept trying every week but just wasn't feeling it but NOW I AM BACK. WITH PERFUME.
This is one of the first "expensive" perfumes I've owned, I actually have wanted it for a while but could never justify spending more than $15 on perfume. BUT my mum recently went over to Mexico for a work ~thing~ and asked before she left if I wanted perfume when she was over there since it's cheaper, my answer was "if you can find something that smells like flowers or candy, I'm in." and she came back with this which I was... Not expecting.
 Super cute logo on the side~ I'm not usually a fan of "bitter" types of perfumes that hurt your nose but this one is pretty okay because after a while it just kind of smells a bit like flowers. Also, needless to say I love the bottle so much oh my god am I a sucker for cute packaging.
It's just so cute I swear ;~;

It also came in a huuuge box that was kind of unnecessary but it was still super cute packaging so I'm fine with that... I guess.
I wouldn't suggest this for anyone that doesn't like smelling their 50 year old aunt who wears 10x too much perfume and it chokes you, it smells kinda like that at first. I mostly just wanted this for the bottle, is that bad???

  • super, super cute packaging
  • smells pretty good 
  • cute PACKAGING
  • luckily the bitter old lady-esque smell that reminds me of my mothers friends goes away after a while and it just smells like flowers

  • it cost her $64 and I saw it in a store earlier this week for AU$89
  • it has the bitter smell at first which hurts my feelings LOL
  • huge box? why? 
  • I'm too stingy to rebuy it if it ever gets used up

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