Sunday, January 5, 2014

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof

Some time soon I'll stop being lazy and actually review more things a month but I'm still unsure if this month is that month.
Also, I turned 20 on Christmas. Hooray.

Anyway, this eyeliner may claim to be waterproof but that doesn't make it smudgeproof. Scratch at your eyes even a little bit and it's going to go everywhere.
I've only continued using it because I'm much too lazy to buy a new one/all my other liners are pencil.

Also, just a warning, there was obviously no thought put into the packaging because whenever I open it it goes EVERYWHERE like you gotta put your hand around the opening when you open it or else your clothes will get black eyeliner on them and you will most prob have to change... Just a warning. (you can even see all the liner around the rim on the picture up above)
The brush is also F grade, it's started to have flyaway strands on it.

Honestly, I didn't take real pictures for this and I did have swatch test pictures but I can't seem to find them anymore so I'm gonna do a D grade review.

 It looks nice when you first put it on but after an hour ? or even less, especially if you rub your eyes, it'll start going flaky and flake off onto your face and everything and that is such a goddamn pain what the hell.

  • Good enough if you need liner quickly/are waiting for one from the internet
  • was probably only $5 so I should have realised it would be bad

  • Not smudgeproof
  • Dries up and flakes
  • Bad packaging
  • just crappy in general tbh

I promise next review I will do it well... maybe. hahahaha

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