Monday, November 25, 2013

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR209

So seeing as the girls over at thehiddenthimble were having a blogshop and mentioned Etude products I went along because oh man, it has been soooo long since I have bought makeup cough mostly because I own way too much cough and I've been wanting to buy new Etude products for ages... Of any kind. I need to please my need for all the Etude makeup...
So yeah, I got the Blooming Lips-talk OR209. Now, I've already got PK006, OR207 and RD302 as seen in this super awful old blogpost... And let's just say... The orange I bought then didn't suit my skin whatsoever. Sooo I went with the one that was closest to a pink/orange/what-colour-are-you-even-meant-to-be?
 The top photo is under fluorescent lighting and the bottom under natural light. I'm not even sure I should call this orange? I've stared at this picture for so long being like, "I guess it could be orange... But it's so pink". Either way, it's a really wonderful colour and I love it, I'm just confused as to why it's under the 'OR' label... It's a pink/orange lovechild.
 The tubes still have the super cute heart/tiaras on them which I adore so much. ;O;
 And the bottles are still super, super cute! (Like I want to buy the colour pop series but the tubes are orange/white? My pink feelings where did they go...) So even if you don't like the colour you get, having these in your room is super princess-y~ I kind of feel like it's toy lipstick with the pink tube, though. hahah. The only bad thing about these tubes is that, if you have too many, the tube doesn't exactly give away which colour it is (except in tiny text on the bottom) so you have to like... Open every tube.
... And even the tag is pretty pink!
A picture of my whole face + gross hair from extreme windy~ness (from yesterday I'm sorry) to gauge just how pink it really is.
Nevertheless, if you'd like a lipstick that isn't god-awful bright orange and is closer to pink with some orange undertones in it, you should definitely get this. It's a super cute colour in person and I was wearing it all this morning trying to figure out its real colour. ;O;
  • I love love love Etude lip products!
  • It stays on pretty nice and slightly glossy for at least two hours or so~
  • It's orange... but pink.
  • Super cute packaging!
  • Cheap! They usually go for $10 on ebay and there is a huuuge range of colours so you'll definitely find one you like!

  •  I'm just so lost on whether I should call it pink or orange!!

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