Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harajuku Lovers 'Music' Perfume

 I will start off with, why yes, I did buy this because I wanted a teeny person in my room. Why yes, I did smell it beforehand and it isn't fruity or candy-like like my others but look it's a little person. Honestly, not very great and I only slightly regret it because it's still cute. :<
I wouldn't buy any more of them because the smell is kind of... It makes me want to gag because it's so... I don't know. But anyway... Have some photos.

 Look at her cute lil dress just look.
  • The bottle is super cute, which was the main reason I wanted one.
  • I got it on sale so I think it was somewhere between $5-$10
  • ...
  • ...

  •  It's one of the small bottles.
  • The smells aren't very great for the others, so I can't have a collection because I'd never use them.
  • Smell seems to fade fairly quickly after I put it on, only lasts like 2hrs at most? :<
  • Yeah okay the smell is pretty bad; I was expecting something cute but this smells like clubbing-lady-in-her-20's-that-needs-to-go-easy-on-the-perfume if you know what I mean. That being said, I tend to only use candy/fruity perfumes. 

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