Friday, October 25, 2013

Hair Adventure #2

Last Monday I finally /finally/ decided to go get my hair redone at Shinka, by Taka, who I had the first time as well. :> 
First off, he is super sweet aaaah. We were talking when I was leaving and he was like, "I'll practice my English for next time you come!" ffffkgjgjjgkfg my feelings ;~~; (I will need to start learning Japanese to surprise him lmfao)
Anyway, I knew he wouldn't straight-out bleach my hair and I'm honestly kinda glad he didn't because he had to use some for my roots and man... Bleach is uncomfy as shit. :<
But the more I have orangey-brown colours, the more I don't want to change them. ;~; this colour is so so so cute! 
Just as a recap, my hair was this colour last time;
So it's not a huge difference, but it's definitely a lot lighter and nicer. :>
I really adoooore my hair right now sob ;~;

Bonus: Liam and I can't take couple photos without looking dumb omg

Anyway, if you're looking for a hairdresser in Sydney and want someone who won't damage your hair/doesn't even want to, go to Taka at Shinka. He is super sweet and nice and always makes my hair look super cute and I'm so glad I didn't go straight to blonde because I'm still not sure if it'll suit me. :> hahahah

(Also sorry for lack of updates, I've had like 3 assignments this past week wtf)

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