Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #1

 Even though my hair is lighter than original now, I still darken my eyebrows because - despite having a lot of eyebrow hair - there are parts which are not filled in enough compared to the other. ;o;
 It has a brush side and the pencil side, let's ignore my brush cleaning... unskills. LOL
Here's one of my eyebrows pre-eyebrow pencil, I mainly pencil in the thicker bit since I always screw up the smaller part orz ~~
 And post-eyebrow pencils. It certainly darkens my eyebrows, but that could also just be because I put bb cream and powder over my eyebrows huhuhu.
There's definitely a biiiig difference when I use it on only one eyebrow LOL (am I the only one that forgets I have two eyebrows OTL) left is done, right is not. 
 And both eyebrows done looks rlly good and less spacey. ;o;
Full makeup look! Full eyebrows +10 adorable points! image 

 (also it is hot as balls today wow)

  • Cute filled in eyebrows!
  • Cheap! I think I bought it for like $5 + free shipping?
  • it has the cute brushy brush attached to it so you don't have to take a brush w/ you as well if you go on trips! (idk mine never have before?)
  • dark eyebrows can be cute with lighter hair. ;o; 

  • this is a dislike on myself.
  • i hate cleaning brushes.
  • i should be banned from using brushes because i am a brush abuser

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