Monday, September 2, 2013

ZenQ Desserts, Macquarie Centre

 This was a while ago, but I'm catching up on the blogs I was going to do, yay! So after we picked up Liam, we wanted to get dessert, but Noggi was closed and so we went here. ;o;

We got one of those awful beeping things and I'm sorry, I take really bad photos of people. And I really hate those beeping things. 

 They had super cute mirrors right next to where we were sitting, it was perfect like wow selfie dessert place. ;;;; But really, it had like A+ lighting for selfies.
 And had super fancy light fittings.

 So I ended up ordering some mango ice thing that was like $13 and I was like, "Wow! It's gigantic!" So my dad put his head next to it to show how giant it was... sigh. Anyway, it turned out to be generally just ice, one scoop of ice cream and a few spoons of mango and mango jelly. There really wasn't much... It  was suuuper disappointing.

They have a cute logo though. /shrug

The dessert came pretty fast, but I'm kinda disappointed because we basically paid $13 for plain ice. wtf. Next time I'm not ordering this. I'm going to order a real dessert that doesn't include ice. ;;


  1. mango ice cream sounds like a ripoff, you should sue them for a million dollars in emotional trauma. also i like lost your blog and couldnt find it and i was sad then i found it again phew

    1. It was such a ripoff! omg. We thought it was a huuuuge wonderful ice cream thing, but was literally 90% ice.
      ugh I could have bought shoes with that money. LOL

      Aw, I'm sorry you lost it! People keep changing their urls that I follow too and then I can never find them OTL it's hard. hahah.