Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gets + Belly Button Piercing

First of all, oh God I haven't updated in forever since I totally didn't realise my computer had an SD card slot (I don't look at every single side before using omg) so I could have posted earlier but aauuughgh I did not. Anyway, I've been in Canberra since last week and today I went with my friend and Liam so my friend Penny could get two cartilage piercings and so I could get...
My belly button pierced lolol. It isn't wonky, it's just my mad camera skills showing omg
Anyway, if you'd told high school aged me that I'd get a belly button piercing, I would have been like, "NO I WOULDN'T, THEY ARE FOR WHORES." like wow I really would have but now I just... it's so cute omg and it's piiiink. http://instagram.com/p/egl2pyyugt/ for it under actual good lighting LOL 
Aaaanyway, I've wanted a belly button piercing for like... Aages upon ages and finally did it and it didn't really hurt much at all! ;o; And my piercer is really nice and when we went in they were having a piercing sale so I got it pierced (jewellery and all) for only $50 instead of $80! Aaaahh so good. omg (then I spent the money on clothes OTL).
 I ended up going to valleygirl because valleygirl is my love omg. I also bought a skirt with all these but it went over my piercing and my piercer told me not to or else it'd hurt a lot since it's new. (then I later add a picture omg) ;o; The denim shirt is prob my favourite out of all my buys. ;o;
 I like this shirt because it has a cuuute cross thing on the back. Also everything was like $10 each because I love sales racks. orz

 AlSO I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THIS WHILE WEARING A SKIRT BUT... I have no idea where my high waisted skirts are? I've like completely lost them omg but it has like little leopards all over it, I swear it's cute.

 $30 perf shoes omg. I've been looking for this kind of shoe for ages but could never find cute ones. ;o;

 The skirt that I'm afraid to wear because it's gonna be over my belly! Something I won't wear for about two months maybe. /ugly sobs
And cute jewellery. :> um idk I swear I'll start reviewing up again, hahah.

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