Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gets + Belly Button Piercing

First of all, oh God I haven't updated in forever since I totally didn't realise my computer had an SD card slot (I don't look at every single side before using omg) so I could have posted earlier but aauuughgh I did not. Anyway, I've been in Canberra since last week and today I went with my friend and Liam so my friend Penny could get two cartilage piercings and so I could get...
My belly button pierced lolol. It isn't wonky, it's just my mad camera skills showing omg
Anyway, if you'd told high school aged me that I'd get a belly button piercing, I would have been like, "NO I WOULDN'T, THEY ARE FOR WHORES." like wow I really would have but now I just... it's so cute omg and it's piiiink. http://instagram.com/p/egl2pyyugt/ for it under actual good lighting LOL 
Aaaanyway, I've wanted a belly button piercing for like... Aages upon ages and finally did it and it didn't really hurt much at all! ;o; And my piercer is really nice and when we went in they were having a piercing sale so I got it pierced (jewellery and all) for only $50 instead of $80! Aaaahh so good. omg (then I spent the money on clothes OTL).
 I ended up going to valleygirl because valleygirl is my love omg. I also bought a skirt with all these but it went over my piercing and my piercer told me not to or else it'd hurt a lot since it's new. (then I later add a picture omg) ;o; The denim shirt is prob my favourite out of all my buys. ;o;
 I like this shirt because it has a cuuute cross thing on the back. Also everything was like $10 each because I love sales racks. orz

 AlSO I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THIS WHILE WEARING A SKIRT BUT... I have no idea where my high waisted skirts are? I've like completely lost them omg but it has like little leopards all over it, I swear it's cute.

 $30 perf shoes omg. I've been looking for this kind of shoe for ages but could never find cute ones. ;o;

 The skirt that I'm afraid to wear because it's gonna be over my belly! Something I won't wear for about two months maybe. /ugly sobs
And cute jewellery. :> um idk I swear I'll start reviewing up again, hahah.

Monday, September 2, 2013

ZenQ Desserts, Macquarie Centre

 This was a while ago, but I'm catching up on the blogs I was going to do, yay! So after we picked up Liam, we wanted to get dessert, but Noggi was closed and so we went here. ;o;

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake

 I found some pictures in the deep dark depths of hell on my computer... Also, unsurprisingly, called my 'blogger' folder that I was meant to review but seemed to just skip over? (These were taken in March...) Anyway, this makes 3/5 All Over Colours reviewed (finally wow). I really loved the colour when it was in the jar but when I put it on it's not even very okay at all!

Sorry that I look fucking terrifying in these, I'm not sure why I do??? (jfc it's awful) But this isn't very visible to begin with as an eyeshadow OR as a lipgloss, so you can't really see much at all. :/ Probably the All Over Colour that I dislike the most.
See? Hardly even visible at aaaall on my eyes.
&These are after class+lunch, I'd assume.
This still had the same problem as the others where it would dry out my lips and the eyeshadow would crease up on the crease on my eye. It really isn't worth the hassle of changing it, tbh.

  • Smells nice
  • Cute packaging

  • Doesn't stay on for very long without needing redoing
  • I have yet to find a way for my lips to not dry out
  • And for the eye stuff to stop going into the crease
  • Wasn't that cheap tbh
  • I've yet to try them as blush, but tbh I'm expecting the worst. :< /greasy face?