Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Siren #677

 Something that's not usually in my collection unless 'present' or free' are on the price tag, Revlon lipstick! I got it last Christmas and it is super duper cute.
I'd been looking for an orange lipstick that wasn't so... orange. I know that defeats the whole purpose of orange lipstick, but I love orange lipstick a lot and it usually doesn't look good on me. ha. ha. ha. Anyway, this is orange enough to be orange, but not orange enough to make me look ridiculous types of dumb. Does that make sense? No? Sorry. Ha.

 The lipstick bar thing, when I first opened it I thought it was pink... To be honest... ha ha ha I am not too good with colours.

The bottom of the tube~
And lipstick straight on~
It's suuuper cute! ;u; Then after a couple of hours of wear and tear, it goes a matte colour; could also have something to do with me constantly thinning my lips into a line, but still very cute and easy enough to reapply.

  • Cute colour!
  • Not outrageous shade of orange
  • I was wearing it for about 4 hours (w/o eating/drinking) before I had to reapply.
  • Surprisingly goes well with pink blusher. :>

  • I'm not sure how much these usually retail for but I like them when they say free.
  • I have so many lip products that I don't think I'll ever use this up. ;~;

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