Thursday, August 29, 2013

Missha Under Eye Brightener Light Beige

 After my TNML Panda whitening cream not actually working at all, I decided to just go back to concealers and bought a cheap Missha one from ebay; but sadly it was much too dark for me even though I got it in the lightest possible colour wtf (I've already bought a new one anyway, but stiiill...)
If you have light skin, I definitely do not recommend this if you are as dumb as I am looking at it with pale skin. It's a mistake I've made many, many times before. but mostly when I didn't understand makeup I'm not sure what happened here ha ha ha 
Protip for buying face products (bb cream, foundation, powder, concealer): Buy them instore unless you are 100% sure what your skin colour is. And if there is a tester, even better. Don't be dumb like me. :> (also this is a very lazy review since I can't exactly review it properly since it doesn't match? This is more of a warning post for pale skinned people.)
 Left is a dab of it and right is it blended it; it's definitely true to the 'beige' part. I should really double check these things. ;;;
  • It was around $6 + free postage
  • Easily applied, though you do need a brush to blend it in properly.

  • It's too dark! But that was my fault ;a;
  • It doesn't come in any lighter colours, though.

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