Sunday, August 4, 2013

I did a bad thing!

So today, while I was curling the front parts of my hair, I decided, "hey, why not curl the skin on your eyeball too?"
And then I nearly cried, freaked out, texted Liam while freaking out because ow my eye skin was burning, finally after half an hour, "gee I can be late for class my eye is burning" and so...
I went down to the medical centre, told the very cute lady I did a dumb and it hurt a many many many lot and then she let me see a nurse straight away. Yay! There are perks to being burnt on the eye skin! 
And I was like... Nearly sobbing while she talked to me, she took a 136/96 pulse or something??? That was really high??? And I was like SHIT GIRL I AM SO NERVOUS but it was more like, "um... *sniff*.. I... Yes, nervous. *sniff*"
And then a doctor came in many quick, shined some shit in my eyeball, took me to his room thing, asked me to read some letters (20/20 vision what is this challenge), more lights in eye, put some orange shit up in my eye.
"Well, your vision is fine." (Did I not say that earlier??? Ok) 
"You burnt around your eye and a little skin came off. I will give you this..." 
Hehe it's called Soov. I love stuff that plays on words like that.

Anyway, I'm not allowed to wear makeup on that eye until it heals up.
Knowing my unwolverine, very human healing capabilities, I say a week.
Look my eye skin is red. Like my cheeks. I'm going to wear face makeup at least. Or else I'll cry.
Or else my face shall match my hair. Look at those unfinished curls. Ooooohh. 
I was also 20 minutes late to French, we were learning how to say where we were from/our nationality (je suis australienne and all that) and some guy asked me if I was Chinese as a joke, then the French teacher was like, "oh I thought you were." Then I just ????? 
Go away. I not even 1% Asian???? I'm pretty sure???? The guy was like "yeah it was a joke" but the teacher wasn't joking wtf GURL I feel bad when people can't tell I'm white I just... I don't know why, it's not a racist thing, just that I'm so white its so obvious.

Okay bye.
I'm not going to be able to review if I can't wear makeup sob sob ;~;

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