Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner #1 Black Gem

Although I need a new eyeliner, what I had in mind wasn't an "accidental free eyeliner because the guy you buy Korean makeup from is a dumbass who can't read orders and gives you eyeliner instead of brow liner that are totally different colours".
And if I hadn't tried this, just from pure curiosity to see if I still hated pencil liner with a passion, I probably wouldn't be doing this review. But you know, even though I hate pencil liner with a passion, this is still "pretty good I guess" because it is in fact waterproof... but not smudgeproof... but waterproof is good. Okay, it's smudgeproof under water if that even makes any sense. No? Okay. 
So I've worn this on a couple of occasions, only two of those occasions having pictures though.
Once when I went out and wanted waterproof liner, which it did indeed stay on through awful soap bubble attack at this one club in the city which was ok and it managed to get through my drunk sweating so A+, I still hate you.
 The second time was last week because I didn't want to use up more liquid liner if I wasn't wearing contacts or anything of the like.
 My face looks so empty I'm gonna cry

 This is just a... Swipe of it.
Then I dumb and try smudgeproof first, which it doesn't say it is,  but you should know anyway that if you rub your eyes, prepare to cry for the next hour because, even though waterproof, it won't protect you from smudges.

Though, happy days, Mama! It's waterproof! I can sob and sob and... Maybe it will rub off a bit. But it lasted through drunk-me so I guess it's cool.

Now, the reason why I hate pencil liners
a) They are fuckin assholes to try to line eyes with like WHOOP WANTED ME TO PULL YOUR EYELID YES YOU WANT IT ON YOUR BROW it could just be me being completely stupid, but man I cannot pencil line for my life.
b) that shit gives you panda eyes for days no matter how much you try to "eye makeup remover" it away. I fuckin tried, it pains my feels.
c) goddamn I hate how this shit looks on my face. I end up looking like a 10 year old girl that wanted in on mommys date night makeup
d) liquid linER FOOOOREVA
  • It's waterproof. If you're of legal drinking age, you're good to become a sweaty mess. 
  • Once I do get it all up and on, it's... only okay
  • The container is cute and shiny and wonderful
  • if you wanna look like mommy, yay! you're now a bonafide makeup usER MOM LOOK AT ME

  • pretty sure it isn't cheap. unless your makeup seller sucks bawls at reading
  • goddamn fucking pencil liners
  • it likes to smudgey
  • it also likes to smudge when you put it on because you definitely wanted it on your nose
  • my mom doesn't really know how to do makeup i don't think she even owns pencil liner
  • i can't even kill my enemies with this it isn't even sharp
  • it poked me in the eye
  • Don't look at me if your mascara isn't waterproof though. Or your face makeup. Oops.

Sorry, I hate pencil liners. Liquid liners are my love. 

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