Thursday, August 8, 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl Mascara

I've decided mascara is a stupid looking word.
And that I love this mascara.
Look, it's pink. And nice. And tubey. And um... It's just good, let's move on.
 Noooow, holy shit, when I first opened it I was  like ???why is it like this??? because I'm use to the all around ones like on the left, but despite seeming really confusing, it been better than my previous mascaras with actually coating my eyelashes nicely. in my opinion huhu hu The brush is also kind of... Plastic-y? Like it doesn't have the usual bristles as the all around ones do. But it's very good~ :>
Lately, since I burnt my eye, I've only been wearing mascara on my eyes so it doesn't look like my eyes are completely empty. I am suffering. It's so awful to live without eye shadow and eyeliner but my burn is healing up nicely and should be gone soon. Eeyyyyeeliner I long for yooooouuu...

Here is my eye without mascara and uncurled... Even though I usually curl it, I felt I reaaaally shouldn't for this review (plus this mascara curls pretty well too).
But look at how nice it makes my lashes. Yes. I dunno, it reminds me of some of the false lashes I own, huhu. Even though I usually do would wear falsies with my makeup, I can't right now, so this definitely lengthens/curls and oooh makes my lashes look so nice! ;u;
... Sometimes I use it on my lower lashes too, despite people sometimes saying, "it's for your top lashes not your bottom!!!!" ???what??? maybe it was just my mum who is cough bad at makeup cough

  • It curls.
  • It lengthens.
  • It makes my eyelashes look super cute! 
  • It's packaging is adorable~
  • I'm fair sure it was cheap or else I wouldn't have bought it. ha ha ha
  • Despite it's weird looking brush, it goes on better than some previous mascaras I own


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  1. very pretty :) I think I'll buy it~ Please check out my blog if you have time! follow for follow? :) http://cosjane.blogspot.com.au/