Thursday, August 29, 2013

Missha Under Eye Brightener Light Beige

 After my TNML Panda whitening cream not actually working at all, I decided to just go back to concealers and bought a cheap Missha one from ebay; but sadly it was much too dark for me even though I got it in the lightest possible colour wtf (I've already bought a new one anyway, but stiiill...)
If you have light skin, I definitely do not recommend this if you are as dumb as I am looking at it with pale skin. It's a mistake I've made many, many times before. but mostly when I didn't understand makeup I'm not sure what happened here ha ha ha 
Protip for buying face products (bb cream, foundation, powder, concealer): Buy them instore unless you are 100% sure what your skin colour is. And if there is a tester, even better. Don't be dumb like me. :> (also this is a very lazy review since I can't exactly review it properly since it doesn't match? This is more of a warning post for pale skinned people.)
 Left is a dab of it and right is it blended it; it's definitely true to the 'beige' part. I should really double check these things. ;;;
  • It was around $6 + free postage
  • Easily applied, though you do need a brush to blend it in properly.

  • It's too dark! But that was my fault ;a;
  • It doesn't come in any lighter colours, though.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Uni Room Tour :>

 As a follow up to my room tour; my uni room tour~ :>
The clothes on the back of the door are outfits I'm yet to wear.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pearl Softsilver Rose #430

 Two English brands in a few days of each other doesn't seem like me, but I've decided to start using my oh jesus way too big collection of lipsticks and stop letting them just sit there, pitying themselves.
Anyway, Revlon lipsticks are my favourite, if that was not obvious enough. They always look good and seem to stay on longer than other brands; at least for me, that is.
 The top picture is when I put it straight on and the one underneath is after a few hours, some water and a few chocolate bars let's not talk about this again, okay?
It may just be me completely avoiding my lips so my lipstick doesn't rub off, but this does seem to stay a while on my lips; at least until class finishes and I hastily put more on. :>

Tube in case you need to know what it looks like. :>
  • It lasts throughout a 2 hour class + extra time.
  • Lipstick takes forever to use up
  • Revlon has theeee cutest colours.
  • It's not super obvious so it's good when you want a more natural lip colour

  • Expensive on uni budget. :<
  • Obviously going to come off semi-easily as it's only lipstick.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Siren #677

 Something that's not usually in my collection unless 'present' or free' are on the price tag, Revlon lipstick! I got it last Christmas and it is super duper cute.
I'd been looking for an orange lipstick that wasn't so... orange. I know that defeats the whole purpose of orange lipstick, but I love orange lipstick a lot and it usually doesn't look good on me. ha. ha. ha. Anyway, this is orange enough to be orange, but not orange enough to make me look ridiculous types of dumb. Does that make sense? No? Sorry. Ha.

 The lipstick bar thing, when I first opened it I thought it was pink... To be honest... ha ha ha I am not too good with colours.

The bottom of the tube~
And lipstick straight on~
It's suuuper cute! ;u; Then after a couple of hours of wear and tear, it goes a matte colour; could also have something to do with me constantly thinning my lips into a line, but still very cute and easy enough to reapply.

  • Cute colour!
  • Not outrageous shade of orange
  • I was wearing it for about 4 hours (w/o eating/drinking) before I had to reapply.
  • Surprisingly goes well with pink blusher. :>

  • I'm not sure how much these usually retail for but I like them when they say free.
  • I have so many lip products that I don't think I'll ever use this up. ;~;

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl Mascara

I've decided mascara is a stupid looking word.
And that I love this mascara.
Look, it's pink. And nice. And tubey. And um... It's just good, let's move on.
 Noooow, holy shit, when I first opened it I was  like ???why is it like this??? because I'm use to the all around ones like on the left, but despite seeming really confusing, it been better than my previous mascaras with actually coating my eyelashes nicely. in my opinion huhu hu The brush is also kind of... Plastic-y? Like it doesn't have the usual bristles as the all around ones do. But it's very good~ :>
Lately, since I burnt my eye, I've only been wearing mascara on my eyes so it doesn't look like my eyes are completely empty. I am suffering. It's so awful to live without eye shadow and eyeliner but my burn is healing up nicely and should be gone soon. Eeyyyyeeliner I long for yooooouuu...

Here is my eye without mascara and uncurled... Even though I usually curl it, I felt I reaaaally shouldn't for this review (plus this mascara curls pretty well too).
But look at how nice it makes my lashes. Yes. I dunno, it reminds me of some of the false lashes I own, huhu. Even though I usually do would wear falsies with my makeup, I can't right now, so this definitely lengthens/curls and oooh makes my lashes look so nice! ;u;
... Sometimes I use it on my lower lashes too, despite people sometimes saying, "it's for your top lashes not your bottom!!!!" ???what??? maybe it was just my mum who is cough bad at makeup cough

  • It curls.
  • It lengthens.
  • It makes my eyelashes look super cute! 
  • It's packaging is adorable~
  • I'm fair sure it was cheap or else I wouldn't have bought it. ha ha ha
  • Despite it's weird looking brush, it goes on better than some previous mascaras I own


Sunday, August 4, 2013

I did a bad thing!

So today, while I was curling the front parts of my hair, I decided, "hey, why not curl the skin on your eyeball too?"
And then I nearly cried, freaked out, texted Liam while freaking out because ow my eye skin was burning, finally after half an hour, "gee I can be late for class my eye is burning" and so...
I went down to the medical centre, told the very cute lady I did a dumb and it hurt a many many many lot and then she let me see a nurse straight away. Yay! There are perks to being burnt on the eye skin! 
And I was like... Nearly sobbing while she talked to me, she took a 136/96 pulse or something??? That was really high??? And I was like SHIT GIRL I AM SO NERVOUS but it was more like, "um... *sniff*.. I... Yes, nervous. *sniff*"
And then a doctor came in many quick, shined some shit in my eyeball, took me to his room thing, asked me to read some letters (20/20 vision what is this challenge), more lights in eye, put some orange shit up in my eye.
"Well, your vision is fine." (Did I not say that earlier??? Ok) 
"You burnt around your eye and a little skin came off. I will give you this..." 
Hehe it's called Soov. I love stuff that plays on words like that.

Anyway, I'm not allowed to wear makeup on that eye until it heals up.
Knowing my unwolverine, very human healing capabilities, I say a week.
Look my eye skin is red. Like my cheeks. I'm going to wear face makeup at least. Or else I'll cry.
Or else my face shall match my hair. Look at those unfinished curls. Ooooohh. 
I was also 20 minutes late to French, we were learning how to say where we were from/our nationality (je suis australienne and all that) and some guy asked me if I was Chinese as a joke, then the French teacher was like, "oh I thought you were." Then I just ????? 
Go away. I not even 1% Asian???? I'm pretty sure???? The guy was like "yeah it was a joke" but the teacher wasn't joking wtf GURL I feel bad when people can't tell I'm white I just... I don't know why, it's not a racist thing, just that I'm so white its so obvious.

Okay bye.
I'm not going to be able to review if I can't wear makeup sob sob ;~;

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner #1 Black Gem

Although I need a new eyeliner, what I had in mind wasn't an "accidental free eyeliner because the guy you buy Korean makeup from is a dumbass who can't read orders and gives you eyeliner instead of brow liner that are totally different colours".
And if I hadn't tried this, just from pure curiosity to see if I still hated pencil liner with a passion, I probably wouldn't be doing this review. But you know, even though I hate pencil liner with a passion, this is still "pretty good I guess" because it is in fact waterproof... but not smudgeproof... but waterproof is good. Okay, it's smudgeproof under water if that even makes any sense. No? Okay. 
So I've worn this on a couple of occasions, only two of those occasions having pictures though.
Once when I went out and wanted waterproof liner, which it did indeed stay on through awful soap bubble attack at this one club in the city which was ok and it managed to get through my drunk sweating so A+, I still hate you.
 The second time was last week because I didn't want to use up more liquid liner if I wasn't wearing contacts or anything of the like.
 My face looks so empty I'm gonna cry

 This is just a... Swipe of it.
Then I dumb and try smudgeproof first, which it doesn't say it is,  but you should know anyway that if you rub your eyes, prepare to cry for the next hour because, even though waterproof, it won't protect you from smudges.

Though, happy days, Mama! It's waterproof! I can sob and sob and... Maybe it will rub off a bit. But it lasted through drunk-me so I guess it's cool.

Now, the reason why I hate pencil liners
a) They are fuckin assholes to try to line eyes with like WHOOP WANTED ME TO PULL YOUR EYELID YES YOU WANT IT ON YOUR BROW it could just be me being completely stupid, but man I cannot pencil line for my life.
b) that shit gives you panda eyes for days no matter how much you try to "eye makeup remover" it away. I fuckin tried, it pains my feels.
c) goddamn I hate how this shit looks on my face. I end up looking like a 10 year old girl that wanted in on mommys date night makeup
d) liquid linER FOOOOREVA
  • It's waterproof. If you're of legal drinking age, you're good to become a sweaty mess. 
  • Once I do get it all up and on, it's... only okay
  • The container is cute and shiny and wonderful
  • if you wanna look like mommy, yay! you're now a bonafide makeup usER MOM LOOK AT ME

  • pretty sure it isn't cheap. unless your makeup seller sucks bawls at reading
  • goddamn fucking pencil liners
  • it likes to smudgey
  • it also likes to smudge when you put it on because you definitely wanted it on your nose
  • my mom doesn't really know how to do makeup i don't think she even owns pencil liner
  • i can't even kill my enemies with this it isn't even sharp
  • it poked me in the eye
  • Don't look at me if your mascara isn't waterproof though. Or your face makeup. Oops.

Sorry, I hate pencil liners. Liquid liners are my love.