Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thai Break, Macquarie Centre.

When we finally got back from Canberra, my Dad and I were very obviously hungry as we'd woken up at 4 goddamn am to catch a bus back to Sydney and hadn't eaten much except gross cheese and herby-weird scones my Mum had decided were "good". noooooope NOPe noPE
Anyway, we decided to go to Thai Break, even though Dad was like, "I'm not sure I want Asian food." but then decided to go to this one anyway.

 They have this awkward beehive type of looking thing where people can watch you eat from outside. why.
 And my Dad, who will turn up a few times over  the next few food~y reviews since we went to three places that day. :> (and also saw Pacific Rim oooh my god yes giant robots let me have one)
 I ordered Pad Thai, Salt and Pepper Squid and Thai Pink Milk Tea~
 SO CUTE! Heart ice cubes.
This was one of those times that I liked the entree better than the main meal... The squid was wonderful and I wish I had it right now... But the Pad Thai... wasn't like the one I usually order at the Thai restaurant in Canberra. It tasted... different. Obviously, since they're different restaurants, but I didn't like this one; and it only had the smallest amount of chicken in it wtf

Since it wasn't around the big lunch time "rush" places usually get, we got our food pretty quickly; though you have to go up to the counter and order... First time I've done that in one of these places wtf you also had to get your own water from the counter if you wanted it. I'm not use to that kind of thing. ;;

ha ha my dad paid for it, so I can't really say much here except that my entree was about $7, the main was around $14 and the drink was about $4, so it wasn't that bad but since I didn't like the main... ick. 

Was mostly good... Apart from what I've said about the Pad Thai. :< It was kind of really gross. Like... It tasted kind of like leftovers that had been recooked. Sorry.
My Dad said his curry was okay.. Something like masuman curry or something? (sorry I am very unsure how to spell this word) but he was confused as to why there were peanuts in it, because as I said, they cooked it very differently to our usual place in Canberra.

Only for the entree would I recommend this... I don't really want to try my luck and anyones $14 again for the main... Sorry, if it's not good the first time, I usually won't go again. The Thai Pink Milk Tea was good though. Go for that and the entrees and you're good. 

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