Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Room Tour~

Seeing as I haven't been leaving my room enough to wear  makeup,  next best thing are filler posts! huuuu
Under cut just because.

Due to half my stuff  being in Sydney, my room  isn't as full as it usually is. huhu ;o;
My room is green because I  moved out at one stage and when I came back it was... Well, green. LOL
I've had the Mio body pillow since about 2010ish~? Huuuu /wonderful possession/ I should have gotten Mugi, I don't remember why I didn't... They probably just didn't have her.
And the gayest of gay Teen Top posters because Be Ma Girl is my favourite era. I'm kinda sad I traded away my It's photocards but then again Teen Top photocards are pretty ug. /shot 
Anyway, I have a pinboard full of my phone charms. ;u; (not that I usually use them.. oop.)
 My books and figure boats. huhuu. I also have my earring tree that has like... No earrings on it because they're in Sydney as well.
I painted  these, too! ;o; /proud. They use to be black and green. ;u; Vocaloid, K-ON!, Lucky Star, PMMM figures~
Also does anyone want this Sayaka? I have a second of her and I don't know anyone who likes PMMM. ;o;                 Would be easier if you lived close to me but if anyone wants it that lives further away you'd have to pay shipping~ 
 Sims games < & general wii, ps2, xbox, nds games >
And Avengers cup  huhuhuhu ;uuuu;
 General kpop albums~ And more jewellery hanger things~
A~D kpop albums.  :> I also  have magazines on top of my desk that you can't see~ And a picture of me with my friends Caitlin and Penny~ huhuhu
 DVDs, TV series, some makeup in that white shelf orz ~ and photobooks in the second shelf on the brown one~  and the monkey is a gift for my friend when I finally see her. ;~; and signed G.NA Bloom album that I got at kcon last year aaahh she's the cutest irl and on screen ;o; h uuhuhu huuhhuu uhuhu u hu I love her so  much ;o;
 New makeup/makeup I want to review~ But seeing as I haven't gone out much, I haven't tried out new makeup much.  :<
 Desk~ The posters are ones I can't be bothered putting back into tubes. huhu /lazy~
Usually my sewing machines is in front of my window, but since I took my extension cords to uni, it can't reach when it's there~ Also usually my computer is up  on  the higher bit. :>
 A chair that I  finally got out of my room, then my parents put back in when I went  to uni, huuuuu...  More posters (SNSD and After School  I think), sewing bin, popcorn machine I have no use for, new books, G.NA towel, bean bag that's usually where my chair is~
 APink posters  (My Yooooooooooookyung /sobs), cupboard with Miku and Luka car hang~y things~
Very empty cupboard due to uni~ness. ;o; 
I'm planning to repaint my drawers, seeing as I did that in high school. And changing the handles because they're all broken~ (There's also stuff up the top of the clothes but it's mostly old  mangas, random shit that I haven't cleaned up, Willow doll, figurine boxes, etc~)

Oh, also...
I'm most probably moving back here next year if I can get into ANU. 
Okay, that's it. I'm probably going to do a  uni room tour as well. ;u;

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