Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair Adventure~

 Yesterday I went into the city and got my hair dyed & cut~! ;u;
I went to Shinka  and my hair was done by Taka and I think a few assistants? I can't find them on the webpage (or my face recognition skills are F grade) so I think they were learning. I told him when he started cutting my hair that I had a cartilage piercing that I couldn't take out and all throughout the haircut & dye he paid attention to not hitting it, saying sorry when he just generally got hair caught on it (every time I said it was okay but hsjdgk so cute).  He also told the other few that did stuff on my hair that I had a piercing and to not hit it, which was sweeet. ;u; (he also had top cartilage piercings so I guess he felt my pain?)
He was very sweet in general, to be honest. :>
It was $165 in total, I think? To get the cut & colour, which is fairly nice. One time when I was around 15 I got blonde & orange highlights in America, it costed about $290 which was awful.
Anyway, all in all it took about two and a half hours to do everything and in the end he used some realllyy nice products that were amazing smelling. ;u; He also styled my hair~

Was pretty cute, but I can't managed to do it. /insert ungodly loud sobs.
Originally I gave him this picture~
cr: tokyofashion.com
But he didn't want to all-out bleach my hair as my hair is... Well... 
Basically black. 
He told me he'd dye my hair, as it's less damaging and then if I wanted to go lighter, he could dye lighter over time. huhu I said yes because he showed me a sample book?? of hair colours and an ashy-brown colour which I did like. ;u; and it was probably good he didn't want to damage my hair idk
I love this colour though omg
 In the shade, it's more of a brown but in the light it's orange... so confusing.

 Seeee? ;u; idk I LOVE IT OKAY /SOBS
And in the bathroom it's like half-half wtf

Anyway, the staff at Shinka are super nice, kept giving Liam refils on water, asked if we wanted coffee, tea etc and were just generally super nice and wonderful and it was also super cheap! (I just wish I got my eyebrows done omg so dark so dark)
If anyone wants to go there, the link is up above and also here; http://www.shinka.com.au/site/clarence-en/

Also I started a lookbook a while ago and finally got an outfit up thanks to Liam being here! ;u;


    Keep your eyebrows I think, having them darker reminds me of Cara Delevigne and adds dimension to your face :)



    1. Aaaah, thank you! ;u; when I finally saw it, I was unsure but I love it now too ;uuuu; hehe
      It still kinda feels like I'm wearing a wig though. omg

      Yeah? ;u; idk I'm much too lazy to go get them done anyway. hahah.

  2. I have the same dilemma when I wanna go light and my hair is too dark to get it done in one go!

    Your haircut looks so cute! :D I heard from my sis at Shinka they have massage chairs when they wash your hair! Is that true?? ^0^

    The Hidden Thimble

    1. Ah, really? ;u; I'm glad it just was just him being scared to ruin my hair then! ;u; I'm definitely going lighter next time, though. :>

      Thank yoouu~ I didn't get a massage chair, just a (semi-violent when washing hair) lady that also massaged my head. I want a massage chair next time. :>

      Sorry, I only just saw this comment. ;u;