Monday, July 29, 2013

Fudge Urban "Soft touch anti-frizz" Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray (Strong hold)

Like I always do, I only bought this because it was cute.
That seems to be the only thing I look for... ;;
If it's cute, I'll buy it. It's a problem.
But this was suuuuch a good buy! I can never find supposedly "strong hold" hairsprays that will keep my curls in place because even when my hair is thinned out, it's still thick as heck due to my mums really awesome genes that I just happened to collect while leaving the vagina... I mean what.
Anyway, this WAS originally bought just because it matches my towels and generally everything in my bathroom because I have a orange/pink theme, but I used it yesterday because the other hairspray that I have makes me angry whenever I try to keep curls in place. Not only that, but this actually smells good. I never believe hairsprays when they say they smell good but dear Lord, does this smell good. Liam, not understanding or partaking in the smelling of hairspray said it still smelt bad, but he knew what I was talking about because it doesn't "smell as bad as he thought" omg.

Due to the mad frizzy nature of my hair, it isn't exactly "anti frizz" though I didn't really spray the top of my head, so I can't really call it out and say it doesn't do anything... I'll try again on the top of my head next time.
The ugliness of my curls is due to me always forgetting how long to keep the curler on my head. Hahah. I am a bad curler.

I'm just adding this because I look cute don't even ask oaskaoiysd but my curls look so cute. I can't even. ;u; they held like this from around 9:30am when I finished them to 6pm, though obviously due to Sydney's windy~ness and my LET ME TOUCH MY HAIR problems, I made it frizz out a little. Ha ha ha. What is that little uncurled hair doing? It was hiding in my shirt when I was curling. aauuguhh.

  • Smells less like burning agony, more like raspberry and vanilla!
  • Lasts foooorever like it says it will
  • Cute packaging! 
  • doesn't make your hair look as gross as others and like you have a hardhat on (is it just me with that problem??)
  • I think it was under $10 at Woolworths, but at the rate I lose receipts, I most probably don't have it anymore. But I know it was cheap. Or else I wouldn't have bought it. #stingylife
  • extremely flammable so you can defeat your enemies easily (◕‿◕✿)

  • I am yet to defeat my enemies as I do not have the fire needed (◕‿◕✿)

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