Monday, July 15, 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Shadow Primer

This is another one of the products that I've been using for ages; I use it every time that I wear makeup or else my eyeshadow would be ridiculous kinds of missing by the end of the day. ;o;
The only problem is that it doesn't hold cream eyeshadow in place, but pretty much nothing does from what I've tried, so that's okay!

I'm using the purple colour here from my LA Colours palette (I've had this for yeeaars because I never use to use it much until I realised the wonderful brown eyeshadows haha)
Left is without primer and right is with. I swatched both sides five times and obviously, the side with primer turned out much darker than the other. I also wiped my finger against both sides three times  -
And the primed side is holding on more. (Less glittery in this picture because I placed my hand differently  orz) This was also harsh rubbing, too. /sore hand.
Then I wiped them with a tissue~
And there are no more remnants of the unprimed side, with the primed staying a tiny bit~ Usually, you  wouldn't rub your eye raw when you're wearing makeup, though, so you don't have much chance of removing this much at once.
Anyway, I've been using this since last year and my eye makeup stays on all day without fail~ It also makes it more annoying to take off because it holds my eyeliner in place sometimes. /grumble grumble

  • Makes eye shadow super pigmented and wonderful!
  • Holds all day (7+ hours~)
  • Doesn't rub off  easily (owwww ;A; )
  • Cheap! Around $5-$7
  • Has lasted me over a year of nearly daily use (minus sick days huhu)
  • The label has rubbed off, but that's not exactly a dislike??

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