Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thai Break, Macquarie Centre.

When we finally got back from Canberra, my Dad and I were very obviously hungry as we'd woken up at 4 goddamn am to catch a bus back to Sydney and hadn't eaten much except gross cheese and herby-weird scones my Mum had decided were "good". noooooope NOPe noPE
Anyway, we decided to go to Thai Break, even though Dad was like, "I'm not sure I want Asian food." but then decided to go to this one anyway.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fudge Urban "Soft touch anti-frizz" Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray (Strong hold)

Like I always do, I only bought this because it was cute.
That seems to be the only thing I look for... ;;
If it's cute, I'll buy it. It's a problem.
But this was suuuuch a good buy! I can never find supposedly "strong hold" hairsprays that will keep my curls in place because even when my hair is thinned out, it's still thick as heck due to my mums really awesome genes that I just happened to collect while leaving the vagina... I mean what.
Anyway, this WAS originally bought just because it matches my towels and generally everything in my bathroom because I have a orange/pink theme, but I used it yesterday because the other hairspray that I have makes me angry whenever I try to keep curls in place. Not only that, but this actually smells good. I never believe hairsprays when they say they smell good but dear Lord, does this smell good. Liam, not understanding or partaking in the smelling of hairspray said it still smelt bad, but he knew what I was talking about because it doesn't "smell as bad as he thought" omg.

Due to the mad frizzy nature of my hair, it isn't exactly "anti frizz" though I didn't really spray the top of my head, so I can't really call it out and say it doesn't do anything... I'll try again on the top of my head next time.
The ugliness of my curls is due to me always forgetting how long to keep the curler on my head. Hahah. I am a bad curler.

I'm just adding this because I look cute don't even ask oaskaoiysd but my curls look so cute. I can't even. ;u; they held like this from around 9:30am when I finished them to 6pm, though obviously due to Sydney's windy~ness and my LET ME TOUCH MY HAIR problems, I made it frizz out a little. Ha ha ha. What is that little uncurled hair doing? It was hiding in my shirt when I was curling. aauuguhh.

  • Smells less like burning agony, more like raspberry and vanilla!
  • Lasts foooorever like it says it will
  • Cute packaging! 
  • doesn't make your hair look as gross as others and like you have a hardhat on (is it just me with that problem??)
  • I think it was under $10 at Woolworths, but at the rate I lose receipts, I most probably don't have it anymore. But I know it was cheap. Or else I wouldn't have bought it. #stingylife
  • extremely flammable so you can defeat your enemies easily (◕‿◕✿)

  • I am yet to defeat my enemies as I do not have the fire needed (◕‿◕✿)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair Adventure~

 Yesterday I went into the city and got my hair dyed & cut~! ;u;
I went to Shinka  and my hair was done by Taka and I think a few assistants? I can't find them on the webpage (or my face recognition skills are F grade) so I think they were learning. I told him when he started cutting my hair that I had a cartilage piercing that I couldn't take out and all throughout the haircut & dye he paid attention to not hitting it, saying sorry when he just generally got hair caught on it (every time I said it was okay but hsjdgk so cute).  He also told the other few that did stuff on my hair that I had a piercing and to not hit it, which was sweeet. ;u; (he also had top cartilage piercings so I guess he felt my pain?)
He was very sweet in general, to be honest. :>
It was $165 in total, I think? To get the cut & colour, which is fairly nice. One time when I was around 15 I got blonde & orange highlights in America, it costed about $290 which was awful.
Anyway, all in all it took about two and a half hours to do everything and in the end he used some realllyy nice products that were amazing smelling. ;u; He also styled my hair~

Was pretty cute, but I can't managed to do it. /insert ungodly loud sobs.
Originally I gave him this picture~
cr: tokyofashion.com
But he didn't want to all-out bleach my hair as my hair is... Well... 
Basically black. 
He told me he'd dye my hair, as it's less damaging and then if I wanted to go lighter, he could dye lighter over time. huhu I said yes because he showed me a sample book?? of hair colours and an ashy-brown colour which I did like. ;u; and it was probably good he didn't want to damage my hair idk
I love this colour though omg
 In the shade, it's more of a brown but in the light it's orange... so confusing.

 Seeee? ;u; idk I LOVE IT OKAY /SOBS
And in the bathroom it's like half-half wtf

Anyway, the staff at Shinka are super nice, kept giving Liam refils on water, asked if we wanted coffee, tea etc and were just generally super nice and wonderful and it was also super cheap! (I just wish I got my eyebrows done omg so dark so dark)
If anyone wants to go there, the link is up above and also here; http://www.shinka.com.au/site/clarence-en/

Also I started a lookbook a while ago and finally got an outfit up thanks to Liam being here! ;u;

Monday, July 15, 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Shadow Primer

This is another one of the products that I've been using for ages; I use it every time that I wear makeup or else my eyeshadow would be ridiculous kinds of missing by the end of the day. ;o;
The only problem is that it doesn't hold cream eyeshadow in place, but pretty much nothing does from what I've tried, so that's okay!

I'm using the purple colour here from my LA Colours palette (I've had this for yeeaars because I never use to use it much until I realised the wonderful brown eyeshadows haha)
Left is without primer and right is with. I swatched both sides five times and obviously, the side with primer turned out much darker than the other. I also wiped my finger against both sides three times  -
And the primed side is holding on more. (Less glittery in this picture because I placed my hand differently  orz) This was also harsh rubbing, too. /sore hand.
Then I wiped them with a tissue~
And there are no more remnants of the unprimed side, with the primed staying a tiny bit~ Usually, you  wouldn't rub your eye raw when you're wearing makeup, though, so you don't have much chance of removing this much at once.
Anyway, I've been using this since last year and my eye makeup stays on all day without fail~ It also makes it more annoying to take off because it holds my eyeliner in place sometimes. /grumble grumble

  • Makes eye shadow super pigmented and wonderful!
  • Holds all day (7+ hours~)
  • Doesn't rub off  easily (owwww ;A; )
  • Cheap! Around $5-$7
  • Has lasted me over a year of nearly daily use (minus sick days huhu)
  • The label has rubbed off, but that's not exactly a dislike??

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Room Tour~

Seeing as I haven't been leaving my room enough to wear  makeup,  next best thing are filler posts! huuuu
Under cut just because.