Monday, June 17, 2013

sO DONE WITH TRYING TO DO BLOGGER STUFF I don't seem to have the mental capacity to understand how shit on here works like header y u no center
y u no easy to do
y u take me one hour
this was not in description
I have a really bad header now though. ;o;
it took me ages to figure out how it worked i am not tech savvy at all
~jealous stares at all of u that can html and do shit that i don't understand at all i'm gonna go buy some books and learn when i'm in canberra for the holidays and eventually get photoshop again and maybe try to learn how to use it again but ha ha ha~ (then maybe my header will be centered...)

do u wanna learn a thing?

i got an A in IT in high school
do u know how much that pains me
i remember nothing
n o t h i n g

I also fixed my eyebrows due to them being way too wide and ugly and yes now they are shorter and less on the side of my head r u proud of me pls be proud
not that you can see due to excessive sparkles but I've been using rakuga cute (i think that's what it's called???) a lot lately it's so cute and I want to be a sparkly sunflower princess ~goodbye~


  1. When are you going down to canberra?
    If you like we can have a day and we can help each other with htmls :3


    1. I'm going down on the 25th of this month after my last exam and coming back... Sometime before school starts again, haha. I was planning to stay there for about two weeks or so. :>
      But that'd be great, if you'd like~ :>

    2. July it sounds like,
      uni starts on the 29th i think ? Well it does for me so maybe on a day off or on a break ^-^


    3. I'm pretty sure mine starts around that date too. :>
      idk we can figure something out closer to then; when I figure out when I'm coming back. haha.