Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meituxiexie ;o; ~

I've known about  美图秀秀 mei tu xiu xiu for a while but never got around to downloading it (due to uni internet being awful and being used up too fast) but since my downloads restart in two days and I need to use 10gb because it won't roll over, I decided to download it to my computer.
It was a very good decision.
It's so fun, help me. image

Anyway, I've wanted something like photoshop that didn't take 500 hours to open and wasn't confusing as all hell as I'm really, really bad at computer stuff. Meitu was the answer~ image

My first go went a little weirdly because I was like, "YOU CAN MAKE PEOPLE SKINNIER ON THIS?!" so I ended up like an alien (and I was actually trying out all the options, jsyk.)
I fixed my skintone, removed moles (and my earring lmfao), concealed eyebags, changed lip colour, added (more) false lashes, changed my hair colour, airbrushed my face, MADE MYSELF SKINNIER, de-chubbed my face and overall whitened my skin.

I'm definitely not going to do this all the time, but it was so fun to do~ image
I REALLY LIKE THE FACE DE-CHUBBING OPTION, IT IS MY LOVE. ;O; /want the skinnier face now please~
I tried to make my nose smaller but I looked more alien...
Anyway, meitu was easy to work through (even though in Chinese... insert my cries here...) as the options are all fairly obvious as to what they are~ It's such a fun thing to use... /downloads onto phone~

I DID SOMETHING WEIRD WITH THE UNDER-EYE THING AND DID A BAD and now I'm like gimme a nose job look at how cute my nose looks anyway nO THIS CHANGED MY FACE TOO MUCH AHAH right now I'm just playing with this and it's like holy shit why am I making myself look so different? :<
Does anyone want my face fat?

Anyway I like this huhuhu
And I'm not reviewing because I haven't worn makeup in a bit because of exams. ;~;

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