Monday, June 3, 2013

Liole Quick Point Eraser

I love  love  looove  this product because I am the biggest dipshit when it comes to putting on eyeliner in a vaguely straight line (lmao reasons why it sometimes comes out thick bc I can't be bothered fixing it ;A; ) and this is a  godddseeeennnd. :>
So I'm going to remove my wing~ (excuse my eyebrows????)

You swipe it across the area you want removed,
then wipe off the brush with a tissue and your eyeliner will usually come off in one go unless you do what I do and  OH GOD I BASICALLY TIPPED THE WHOLE BOTTLE OF EYELINER ON MY EYE OH  GOD
Since it's good enough to remove awful amounts of eyeliner, it will take off some face makeup, so you'll have to redo that area; but it's better than not being able to fix that ungodly clump of eyeliner you 'accidentally' (trIED TO BE SUPER KAWAII AND DID SOMETHING WEIRD) put on your eye..

Anyway, I bought this around about January last year, so it's definitely been more than a year and I literally go nowhere without this because it is my saviour, tbh. /cue me getting on floor and praising it.

  • I am an assbutt with eyeliner /love on dis product
  • $12 ish ~ But has lasted more than a year and has a lot left in it still
  • Small so it'll fit in your makeup bag ;o;
  • it's cute plzzzz
  • I can only find it on cosmeticlove so I can't find it anywhere cheaper ;o;

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