Monday, June 3, 2013

FOTD/OOTD/Rambling 31/05 &4/06 ~ :>

 On the 31st, I received a tweet from my housemate being like, "Are you coming out tonight?" and I fnkjasdhfkjchkf toTALLY FORGOT WOW hahaha so I had to do last-minute outfit and lfsjdghkjxcg ;o; wore my new heels~ Which are super cute aaahh... But they got really dirty really quick :< fffffuck clubs wow

PROOF I LEFT THE HOUSE OKAY GAAAAIZ (my legs look weird what is happening????)
There are so many weird guys outside omfG like I asked one dude in a shop where the closest toilet was and he was like, "Looking like that, you girls should probably go over to the Hilton" and my friend (in the soup dress) was like "Wait, was that a compliment or an insult?" and he was like "no, no, no, a compliment." but like omfg later I was like "Did he call us high class prostitutes?" and she was like "Yeah, pretty sure he did."
And one guy in the club above came over to us and started doing this weird as fuck dance where he kept putting his hands in our faces and when he came over to me I like jumped and my friend was like /HUGS/ and all the girls with us were like WHOA NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING and laughing awkwardly and one of our guy friends stepped in front of him orz and he was like "aw fine" lfmaufheiuoghgfhg
And so many times my guy friends were like "Swap with me" because I was getting bashed around when we were dancing orz /small problems
omfg tho one guy came up behind me and my friend and put his arms around bOTH OF US AND WE WERE LIKE AUTO AWKWARD OUT AND graB EACH OTHER and then another one of our guy friends started dancing in front of him all awkwardly and just kept saying "nope" and he was like "aww man" and juST GUY FRIENDS U DA BEST

And I wore this today and was like AW YEA SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR NOT WEARING BLACK FOR ONCE BUt my tights are too dark for me #paleproblems?? idk I can never find light nude tights so it's like ?????uer legs r tan????? I am going to buy white tights.
just white tights.
they are closest to skin colour woW

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