Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cafe Cherry Beans, Westfield Belconnen.

Cafe Cherry Beans is the cutest place in Belconnen mall, to  be quite honest and since I  came back to Canberra, I decided I really wanted a green tea latte, due to me not wanting to go to Eastwood when I'm in Sydney to go to the one there. haha. I went to the mall with Caitlin and Penny, who, even after six years (or so?) of knowing them, I'm still too awkward to be like, "SELCA TIME" with them. :<
The workers there that I heard speak were Korean and when they started talking I was like, "Time to try and awkwardly learn how to pronounce words from these strangers". They didn't notice, it's cool.
 They have the cutest setup and lights and  such and I  couldn't be bothered going  all the way to take  pictures in the mirrors. ;o;
 The seat we were sitting on had the cutest mirror in it and you can see my friend Penny in it. ;o;
 They have a super cute logo~ ;o;
 When I got my latte I decided to open it to see how well they did and they didn't put any froth on it or fill it to the top which made me really, really sad. It still tasted nice, though.  But I was really annoyed because I paid $4.30 for a large and it was really medium. LOL :<
The workers were nice, though, and the time I went before  that, vanilla milkshakes and food was good~ ;o; ~~
Even though they skimped me on my latte today, they're usually really good~


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  2. Such a cute cafe!!

    There's so many new ones that have popped up in the city recently which I believe are owned by Koreans and they really know how to make you feel comfy in their space!

    And YES TO MORE FROTH!! It's the best part ;_;


    1. It really is. ;o;
      When it first opened here, I kept walking past and back looking like a total dumbass because I wanted to go in and I've still only gone in twice. ;;;

      I really want to try so many in the city! But there are so many options and I feel like it would take forever. How do people even pick one to go to? Aaahhh. But I do agree, I always feel comfy in Korean cafes, not to mention they're always cute. ;u;

      Aaagh, most coffees/cafe drinks have froth so it pains me when they don't! If you take out americano, flat whites, long blacks and those without foam (which I don't drink anyway... Because there's no foam), if they're meant to have foam, I JUST LIKE CRY INSIDE WHEN I LOOK IN AND IT'S JUST BUBBLES. I WANT TO GO OVER TO THE COFFEE MAKER AND BE LIKE, "THIS IS HOW YOU FOAM." but then I'm not mean enough for that because hey, it could be their first day. ;~~~; sob.