Thursday, June 13, 2013


I keep going  to update but then realise that I'm on the computer that blogger doesn't like unless I'm making text-only posts ha ha ha
I don't know if  I'll be able to post much for a while because I'm currently in Maitland because I can't study in my dorm. ;o; (loud  housemates will be the death of me because I never  get sleep there) and I have 4 exams coming up between 17th - 24th. /insert loud sobbing/
I should probably just install chrome on my laptop, really...  But... I have to read a ton of texts for my English exam because they're putting in one random paragraph from one of the goddamn thirty texts we've read over the semester and I am dying re-reading them. omfg just /angry flailing/  ;o;  They want us  to name the text and the texts author which is the moST AWFUL PART HOW do I even remember all that.

Okay yeah,  I'm going to go sob on the floor. :>

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