Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cafe Cherry Beans, Westfield Belconnen.

Cafe Cherry Beans is the cutest place in Belconnen mall, to  be quite honest and since I  came back to Canberra, I decided I really wanted a green tea latte, due to me not wanting to go to Eastwood when I'm in Sydney to go to the one there. haha. I went to the mall with Caitlin and Penny, who, even after six years (or so?) of knowing them, I'm still too awkward to be like, "SELCA TIME" with them. :<
The workers there that I heard speak were Korean and when they started talking I was like, "Time to try and awkwardly learn how to pronounce words from these strangers". They didn't notice, it's cool.
 They have the cutest setup and lights and  such and I  couldn't be bothered going  all the way to take  pictures in the mirrors. ;o;
 The seat we were sitting on had the cutest mirror in it and you can see my friend Penny in it. ;o;
 They have a super cute logo~ ;o;
 When I got my latte I decided to open it to see how well they did and they didn't put any froth on it or fill it to the top which made me really, really sad. It still tasted nice, though.  But I was really annoyed because I paid $4.30 for a large and it was really medium. LOL :<
The workers were nice, though, and the time I went before  that, vanilla milkshakes and food was good~ ;o; ~~
Even though they skimped me on my latte today, they're usually really good~

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meituxiexie ;o; ~

I've known about  美图秀秀 mei tu xiu xiu for a while but never got around to downloading it (due to uni internet being awful and being used up too fast) but since my downloads restart in two days and I need to use 10gb because it won't roll over, I decided to download it to my computer.
It was a very good decision.
It's so fun, help me. image

Anyway, I've wanted something like photoshop that didn't take 500 hours to open and wasn't confusing as all hell as I'm really, really bad at computer stuff. Meitu was the answer~ image

My first go went a little weirdly because I was like, "YOU CAN MAKE PEOPLE SKINNIER ON THIS?!" so I ended up like an alien (and I was actually trying out all the options, jsyk.)
I fixed my skintone, removed moles (and my earring lmfao), concealed eyebags, changed lip colour, added (more) false lashes, changed my hair colour, airbrushed my face, MADE MYSELF SKINNIER, de-chubbed my face and overall whitened my skin.

I'm definitely not going to do this all the time, but it was so fun to do~ image
I REALLY LIKE THE FACE DE-CHUBBING OPTION, IT IS MY LOVE. ;O; /want the skinnier face now please~
I tried to make my nose smaller but I looked more alien...
Anyway, meitu was easy to work through (even though in Chinese... insert my cries here...) as the options are all fairly obvious as to what they are~ It's such a fun thing to use... /downloads onto phone~

I DID SOMETHING WEIRD WITH THE UNDER-EYE THING AND DID A BAD and now I'm like gimme a nose job look at how cute my nose looks anyway nO THIS CHANGED MY FACE TOO MUCH AHAH right now I'm just playing with this and it's like holy shit why am I making myself look so different? :<
Does anyone want my face fat?

Anyway I like this huhuhu
And I'm not reviewing because I haven't worn makeup in a bit because of exams. ;~;

gets gets gets gets gets gets gets gets

There's too much to fit on my instagram without completely overspamming people~ Soooo~ I went to Top Ryde with my roommate today and bought a bunch of stuff from SES and Valley Girl. image
I've finally started my cute wardrobe~ image

Monday, June 17, 2013

sO DONE WITH TRYING TO DO BLOGGER STUFF I don't seem to have the mental capacity to understand how shit on here works like header y u no center
y u no easy to do
y u take me one hour
this was not in description
I have a really bad header now though. ;o;
it took me ages to figure out how it worked i am not tech savvy at all
~jealous stares at all of u that can html and do shit that i don't understand at all i'm gonna go buy some books and learn when i'm in canberra for the holidays and eventually get photoshop again and maybe try to learn how to use it again but ha ha ha~ (then maybe my header will be centered...)

do u wanna learn a thing?

i got an A in IT in high school
do u know how much that pains me
i remember nothing
n o t h i n g

I also fixed my eyebrows due to them being way too wide and ugly and yes now they are shorter and less on the side of my head r u proud of me pls be proud
not that you can see due to excessive sparkles but I've been using rakuga cute (i think that's what it's called???) a lot lately it's so cute and I want to be a sparkly sunflower princess ~goodbye~

Dove Colour Live Event ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

I honestly didn't take many pictures because I kept forgetting my camera was in my lap when people were talking... orz
and I kept awkwarding out because SO MANY PRETTY PEOPLE LIKE WHERE WERE YOU ALL HIDING image
 I wore a really casual outfit and really casual makeup because I thought that was okay but everyone was dressed so niiiiiiiiiiice and I was like, "omfg why didn't I make my hair all pretty and wear fancy CLOTHESSS" but anyway image
I made the mistake of not knowing places in Sydney and deciding to walk from central station to the location it was held, which took about 20 minutes image and once I was there I was really burning to death and hopefully not stinky image and I was told to go into a room with see-through plastic chairs and such and it had horrible lighting there was so much horrible lighting at this event I wanted to smack down I just I love lights so much and it was so horrible. It wasn't even picture-taking type of lighting; you'll see later when I show my bad pictures of the speakers. image
All night the waiters kept coming up to us and trying to hand us stuff but it was all classy food and I felt bad about it but I did drink some sort of hair vitality juice (that I refused to take a picture of because so. many. people. did. and I didn't think it mattered all that much since there are so. many. pictures. of. that. drink.) that was watery and cucumber~y and weeeeird; like I'm still not sure if I enjoyed it?
Anyway, I sat around awkwardly until Rachel came up to me and was like "Is someone sitting here?" and I was just like staring at her (I'm sO SORRY) because I only heard the last part and just... I am so awkward, I'm so sorry. But she still talked to me, so yay! It was wonderful to meet you. image

There was a recorded speaker in that room, which confused me because it was like ~let's turn off the lights~ but it described colours and how we see them, then the speaker (I've forgotten the name??? Oh gosh..) said how she was blind with synesthesia so she could "see" the colour through different sensory pathways which was interesting. image They also had lights on the sides which changed with the colour she was talking about~

We were ushered onto another room afterwards WITH THE HORRIBLE LIGHTING YOU BAD LIGHTING PEOPLE
And the guy from Dove spoke (I'm so, so sorry I've forgotten all the names)
you see
It was horrible lighting to talk about hair, especially. Judging your choices, Dove. image
When we went in, I got a photo with Jay because we were still holding the maybe-good-maybe-bad cucumber drinks which I haven't tracked down yet. The Dove guy was basically talking about how thankful that we were there and such and some things about hair.
The second person to speak was the colour therapist? I think that's what she was called? She was with my group to tell us our skin types and discuss stuff with us~ Turns out I have a cool skin type and I think I was Summer? She was really outgoing and I was really awkward and she KEPT ASKING ME QUESTIONS IT WAS REALLY EMBARRASSING image
And then the celebrity colourist~ I honestly should have taken notes because I can't remember exactly what they said and I feel really bad about it. imageThey were all really nice though~ And I'm definitely taking notes at the next event~

After they spoke, we turned around in our chairs and talked to the colour therapist, who went through the group which was made up of Rachel, Jay, Talyssa and Siree from thehiddenthimble and two other girls that I didn't get the names of but I think I follow one on here. image Anyway, the colour therapist went through all of us then went through the personalities > colours we should wear, which I pretty much wear already. orz
After that we mostly talked a lot, I'm very glad that the others talked to me~ I was really terrified no one would, but that was just a "OH JESUS I HAVE NO FRIENDS IN SYDNEY AFTER BEING HERE FOR MONTHS, HOPEFULLY SOMEONE HERE WILL TALK TO ME" but everyone was super nice and super fashionable and wonderful and pretty and I died because everyone was nice as well??? Like how were you guys all so wonderful? image

Dove also gave us free things~
Which has made me really excited for dying my hair after I get back from Canberra! image I really, realllyyyyy am in love with Dove right now for giving us these~ And the chocolates were amazing. huhuhu.
When they started awkwardly ushering us out, Jay showed me the way to Museum station so I didn't have to walk all the way back to central and was nice enough to tell me which trains to catch~ Thank you soOOOoOO much omg image
Everyone was so nice to me and I just want to tell you all that it was really nice meeting and talking to you all and I hope there's another event/something soon~ image

And I want to thank Nuffnang and Dove for holding a great event~ image
(Sorry I'm so awkward)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Current Music favourites~ ಥ⌣ಥ

Lately I've been getting into more j-pop groups and they're just too cute for me to not start making blogposts about music?  so so cute i'm gonna bawl 
(I'm sorry I found cute emoticons you have been warneD)

FIRSTLY JUICE=JUICE I AM GONNA /BAWL/ MY GODDAMN EYES OUT DO YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING? tthe youngest is 14 i'm gonnA CRY. I remember listening to stuff like An Cafe and stuff when I was 14 and now that I'm 19, I'm listening to 14 year olds singing. 
Not to make it seem like they're all 14, there's a 94 liner and 95 liner but they still look 14... 
Anyway, they're under Hello!Project and I'm not like 100% on how j-pop debuts work because they have two singles already??? That are called indies??? I'm not sure. Someone on tumblr said they were having a 'real' debut soon???? j-pop you confusin'.
I like Akari, she's so cuTE BUT SHE'S ONE OF THE 14 YEAR OLDS
okay she's actually the youngest out of all of them stop i can feel the judging stares
but oh my god are they cute they are so cute I want to buy them things and tuck them in bed and
Just listen to them and admire their cute, okay. I really want to buy these singles soon because the place I want to buy them off only has 3-4 copies of each. 

Next is PASSPO, yeeeeeeesssssss, my ages. 
They debuted in 2010 (there's that indies thing again where it says major debut in 2011???) with 10 members and one left in 2011 (Sakuma??? I don't know the members well enough tbh).... So now there's nine anD LEMME LEARN U A THING
File:One World Promo.jpg
Don't pretend to not know what I'm talkin' about here like look at dem outfits I'm gonnA CRY

Anyyyyyyyyyyway, they have that awful thing where you have to either a) be in Japan or b) buy their albums to watch their mv's or listen to their music easily.
Here is a link to Final Vision ~~~~ It's so cute and I'm so in love with it and it's on someones tumblr but I really don't care because I can't be bothered going through youtube to try and find one that's super hidden. 
And another one I like is Truly, I did have the link for the full video at one stage but it's currently lost in my unsorted bookmarks of death and destruction thousands and thousands of them noooooo
Here's the short version, though. And a cute PV.
I only know 6/9 members, the ones I don't know being Yukimi, Makoto and Sako... But I know one of those members... I like their voice and face and absolutely everything... I'm so bad at learning people... Oh God.
I can't seem to find any long versions of PVs because they're all unavailable in my country. WeLLLLLLLLLLLLLL PASSPO I SEE HOW IT IS... Anyway, they're super cute, their songs are wonderful and the members... So squishy... 

Yeah, Juice=Juice and Passpo are my current crying fuel... They're so cute I just want to hug tthheeemm 

~~~~~~~~~~~~Goooooooood byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Listen to these grouuuuuuuuupsssssssssss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I keep going  to update but then realise that I'm on the computer that blogger doesn't like unless I'm making text-only posts ha ha ha
I don't know if  I'll be able to post much for a while because I'm currently in Maitland because I can't study in my dorm. ;o; (loud  housemates will be the death of me because I never  get sleep there) and I have 4 exams coming up between 17th - 24th. /insert loud sobbing/
I should probably just install chrome on my laptop, really...  But... I have to read a ton of texts for my English exam because they're putting in one random paragraph from one of the goddamn thirty texts we've read over the semester and I am dying re-reading them. omfg just /angry flailing/  ;o;  They want us  to name the text and the texts author which is the moST AWFUL PART HOW do I even remember all that.

Okay yeah,  I'm going to go sob on the floor. :>

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Etude House Oh M' Eye Line #1 Oh~ My Black

I've been using this eyeliner for over a year; as with the Liole eraser and TNML Bunny Mist, it was one of the fiiiiiirst Korean products I bought... Completely by accident because I was literally just looking for one of each product and bought the cheapest one. It's started running low though, so I'm going to end up crying when I have to use the mess that is that free Holika Holika pencil liner until I get more...
Anyway, I wear it literally every day that I wear makeup, unless I get a new one, which I'll usually use for a week and then swap back to this. orz
(I never take good pictures of my eyemakeup???? why)
From the many, many, many times I've used this; it hasn't smudged, rain/eye watering hasn't screwed it up, it only flakes when I rub it excessively and it's wonderful to apply because it has a thing brush and it's easy to hold because the handle thing isn't too small or too chunky/weird. The only problem is that it takes a few moments to dry; but since it's liquid eyeliner, I don't know what else you'd expect. Is there super fast drying liner? I want it to try it. ;o;

  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Rain/watery eyes hasn't affected it so far
  • Doesn't flake much
  • Cheap
  • Has lasted well over a year (about six months of use, if we're totalling it up???) and I still have a bit left~
  • Hasn't dried out in container yet~ ;ooo; 
  • Doesn't dry super quick? It dries fast enough, though, seeing as I do my makeup in about 10-15 minutes and it's dry by then.