Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OOTD/FOTD/Rambling 22/05

So I made this a new blogpost because I rambled on so much and didn't think I'd put it on my review. ;u;
I finally got around to wearing one of my Jessica-style headbands ;u; idk it's not the same thing, obv, just reminded me of it when I was wearing it today. :> I have it in gold as well but ughurghdj idk what to put it with yet .__. also my dad is plying off my lobe piercing tomorrow, so I can finally wear cute earrings! (I have so many saved up /cries) ... He's plying it off because it was one they used a gun with and with all my other lobe piercings (that have now healed up/gotten infected from mistreatment so I cry and take them out), I haven't been able to get them out myself. ;;; lololol (This piercing has been in for like 6 months so it's well healed now, I just haven't been able to get it out ;~; )
I swear tho
I've had first lobe piercings in grade three, two on my right in 2012, cartilage on my left that have all gotten infected and closed up because I've been bad at cleaning them and kept touching them from fascination/had hoops in them via my mothers "omg they totally work" NooOOOo. .___. omg earrings they hate me tho /cry. I'm planning to get my left conch repierced at some point tho, and a few others like... Tragus, another cartilage under my right cartilage and such. :> 
I currently only have left second lobe and the right cartilage you always see. Hahah.
omg this turned into such a ramble I'M SO SORRY ;A;
Anyway, since it's a new post now, I'm so torn on cutting my fringe or not, since it's so cute sometimes (like today) and so uncute other days. :< idk I was looking at old photos and was like "AW FRINGE SO CUTE" but the hairstyle I currently have makes me look less like a child, tbh. :s so I'm not sure. /cry
I know that after I come back from Canberra after my one-month holiday (June 24 - July 29) I'm going to book in an appointment and get my hair coloured, I actually finaally found the perfect colour. I was looking up Qri's Bunny Style pictures because I was thinking of doing a T-ARA makeup tutorial of some sort and realised her hair is exactly the colour I want~

You seeeeeeeeee. ;u; I was trying to explain this colour but couldn't. /cry.
If it doesn't look good on me, I'll just dye my hair again. /shot. I really want this colour though. ;A;
And today I only wore BB cream & Base, it was kinda weird but felt nicer because it was lighter? I maaay keep doing it. :>

I also figured out why my pictures weren't uploading properly.
Because they were sideways. /sideways/ blogger hates me omg.

In other makeup news, I really want Etude's Dear Girls mascara, moisturizer and tint balms ;A; I was thinking of BB and pact, but then I realised I just bought a new BB and pact. /shot
But I haven't bought moisturizer or mascara lately and rlly how can I not buy like 5009348080934 lip products? ;u;

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