Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Laneige Speedy & Safe Lip & Eye Remover for all skin types~

I've been using this product since around the start of last year when I got really into makeup and seeing as I didn't wear much last year, it's lasted me a fair while (the majority of it being used in the last six months~) to remove my eye and lip makeup.
As it says, speedy & safe, it really is. Myself, being a raging dumbass when it comes to things near my eyeballs, poke myself a lot when putting on and taking off makeup, which is why I ended up looking for a 'safer' product that didn't make my eyes sting when I, on cue, shoved the makeup wipe in my eye. Majority of the time, unless you've been wearing falsies and have leftover glue on your eyelid, it comes off after holding the wipe with product on it after about 30 seconds and what's left you can wipe away easily.
My eye after taking off falsies and taking out lenses~ Sometimes I hear people use remover to take off their falsies but I don't have neeever done it that way. ;;;;

And yeah, you just hold it against your eye (closed eye, just... yeah.) for up to 30 seconds, definitely up to 30 seconds if you've been wearing falsies, then remove it and ta~da~
There were still a few remnants of eyeliner where the glue had been clumped up in (ooohh my skills at managing a glue brush~) and some glue under my eye but it removed all of my mascara, eyeshadow and yeah, majority of my eyeliner... And a lot of makeup around my eye.
For lips, you do the exact same as eyes, then wash off your mouth afterwards so you don't eat it, because it doesn't taste nice. Trust me. :>

This product comes with instructions in, I think?? if I remember correctly, various languages; but that's long gone now so I couldn't tell you. I just vaguely remember reading instructions in English and pulling the book out to be like "HOLY CRAP THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT IN HERE". Anyway... 

  • Ranges from $10-$25 depending on where you buy, so fairly good for something that's lasted 6 months of nearly daily use. 
  • Removes makeup fairly quickly~
  • It's pink don't even think this isn't a like
  • Removes waterproof makeup
  • It's for all skin types.
  • I'm running out :<


  1. everyone is suddenly reviewing laneige products and i want some but i already have like everything i need for skincare sigh sigh. life is so hard when you like cute cosmetics.

    but yea, i'm thinking of getting my beauty diary's new (super cute) eye makeup remover cause i'm almost out of my (very uncute) neutrogena whatever eyemakeup remover. but yea MBD's one is cute and works well, so if you're not planning on rebuying this you could look into it!

    excellent review 10/10 a+

    1. LOL I didn't even notice. :P
      I bought this, yeah, ages and ages ago and finally thought it needed its time in the spotlight. LOL
      it's actually the only laneige product I own so I'm not familiar with anything else they sell. :>
      Cute cosmetics will be the death of me (and my wallet).

      That does look super cute ;u; ~ I may or may not look into it when I'm down to crying levels of remover. hahah.

      Also, I was looking at your page and you managed to get followers so quick. Hoooow? Hahahah

  2. Wow, it looks like it works well! I've been looking for a good makeup remover for a while. I might look into this one, thanks for reviewing it!