Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FOTD/OOTD/Rambling - 28-29/05


 From yesterday, the 28th, in which I have no pictures without a little lipgloss because I was taking quick pictures before Liam got back and jumped in my photos or did something weird I'm sorry Liam stop reading pls I luv u ok
Anyway, my faaavourite jumper. ;u; eeeeee~ it's so fluffy and wonderful and Liam kept hugging me and I was like "are you hugging me because you want to or because I'm fluffy?" GUESS WHICH ONE HE CHOSE
 (let's pls ignore the mess I was like HELP WHAT DO I WEAR OH GOD LEMME TRY ON 50000099980 DIFFERENT OUFITS... u no usual girl stuff)
I loved my outfit today and my hairband and ugh ;uuuu; /loves on self
And today~ I didn't colour my eyebrows enough lelelel so they're pretty light. And the front of my hair is more orange today. ;A; (things I like about my hair is that it's randomly orangey... But I'm still gonna dye it :>)
I've been wearing the same lenses for liiike.. The last week because they're the comfiest ones I own and the least terrifying to people. And uuuggh, I love using my tints, but I also love using a bunch of my lipglosses? /cry.

Ooooh, I've been wearing light pink blush lately! ;U; ~~~ I'm trying to get into the habit of it because it does indeed make me look a little cuter. :> (esp. today I loved my look today ok)

This wasn't as rambly as I am usually... I uh... Don't have much to talk about apart from filming a room tour on Friday? At least, dorm room tour and then doing home... room tour when I go back during holidays.

Aaahh, I really want to make Sydney friends soon. ;u; There are so many cute food places I want to try and so many cute places that I want to take friend~perfect pictures in~ ;a;
Gyaru/ulzzang Sydney bloggers plz come to me. ;u; (lolol I don't put myself in either of these categories because I don't want to offend others... Not even close to gyaru even tho I love hime and like LEMME ASPIRE TO BE THAT KAWAII PLZ and idk ulzzang... don't take enough cute pictures enough...)

Just come be my friend I'll DL photoshop and do cute shit to our pictures and instagram and ---- shhh don't thinK I'M CREEPY PLEASE I HAVEN'T HAD ANY CUTE FRIENDS THAT WANNA DO CUTE THINGS AND /CRY

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