Thursday, May 23, 2013

FOTD/OOTD/Makeup stuff/Rambling~ 24/05 ~

I went with my dad and brother to the Ranch's bistro thing today and I got chicken and mushroom risotto which was gooood~ But a huge portion. ;A; I didn't take pictures because it was a giant restaurant thing and everyone was nosy. ;A; I wish I got one with my dad and brother but I did bad. ;~;

We went to noggi in the Macquarie centre though, and I got green tea + watermelon with kiwi fruit, strawberry and watermelon. It looks nice, but it didn't taste very nice. ;~; I didn't like this yogurt place very much. /sob
But I'm planning to take Liam to Yogurberry or Ygloo in Eastwood tomorrow or Sunday so we can get cute, wonderful yogurt. ;uuuu; ~ And a green tea latte from the cute cafe there~ :>

Aaaannd my dad finally took my lobe piercing out for me!

This is a weird picture, but I have a duck in my ear, yay~ ;uuuuuuu; I'm so happy, I've got so many earrings that I've been itchiiiing to wear.
I was also thinking of moving my ootd/fotd's over to instagram and then doing a "favourites of the month" post at the end of each month? But I'm not too sure. :/

And I have makeup arriving~
✰Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener #1 Light Beige
✰Etude House Drawing Eyebrow No. 1 Black/brown
✰Etude House Dear Girls Mascara Long & Curl
✰Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencil PK102
Annyyway, OOTD/FOTD

I was planning to wear something suuuper cuter than this, but I'm now saving it for tomorrow when I see Liam. :>

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