Sunday, May 19, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes PK001 Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse

I wasn't actually going to buy any of these, since I have a few big palettes of eyeshadow that I SHOULD use up before buying more, but since the guy who I bought off on ebay got my order wrong, I received this instead of an all over colour (that I ended up getting sent free to me after orz). I'm so happy I got this though because it's so cuuuute. ;u; These two colours are the cutest ever, aaahh.
I wasn't really even planning on buying any of these because they're nearly exactly like one of their old line of eyeshadows, but these are cute so idek. ;u;
As with most Etude eyeshadows I've bought, you need primer! or else it won't really turn up, it'll mostly be glittery.
You can hardly see it with primer on my camera, but it's pretty vivid in real life. I did indeed swatch it without primer, but it's literally just glitter so you can't see it. You neeeeed primer for Etude eyeshadows (or basically any other, even just to keep it on for longer).
I'm really happy with this though, I was trying to find a cute pink to wear today and remembered this. gjhsdfjkg ;u; it is so super cute~

  • They come with a few colour mixes
  • Cute packaging
  • Cute colours
  • Small, so I don't have to carry a bigger palette around
  • $8. If you're lucky.
  • Only 2 colours.
  • Easy to mix the colours together ;~;
  • the glitters like to go everywhere ;A;
I suggest these ONLY IF YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO; because I know you can get more colours and cheaper elsewhere; my eyeshadow seems to be the only thing that I'm really picky about prices with because you usually can't see it. ;~;  and $8 for two colours wouldn't be something I'd pay, unless it was super vivid without primer. The only reason I like this a lot is because it was accidentally free. :<

OOTD/FOTDI don't know why but my iphone pictures seem to have been squashed? Hopefully it's just in the post maker. ;;; nope it isn't. Oh well, you get it. hahaha. I'll start taking them with my camera soon. ;;

 Suuper blurry, but I was really late. /shot

 And this is actually from the same day, I had to go get Liam from the train station and it was cold as fuck. ;A; And was after I took makeup off (at like 10PM LOL)

And todaaayy~ This is my shit-I-woke-up-an-hour-before-school-rush-that-shit look. ;A; LOL I've also bought a bunch of new shoes~ <3 5 pairs of heels & one pair of flats, which was like $215 to start with and I got them all for like $60ish~? Like holyyy shit, good deal. ;A; 
Ugh and I'm still waiting for my new concealer, ebay water u doin to me ;A; /dark eyes sob. I had to buy a new one because I'm pretty sure I got scammed out of one?? idk I'm working it out with the dude hahah
I'm posting gets to my instagram now though~ which is instagram.com/soborii

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