Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #2 Orange Candy

The last Candy Stick to review~ :>
And possibly my favourite~ ;u;
Pretty sure in the other ones, I didn't mention that they smelled like their flavours? Which is something I super, super love. ;u;
 Bare lips/excuse steam, I was putting on makeup when my bathroom was steamy. /bad camera taker... carer of...

After putting it on~

Aaand after my class~
As the others, it gets matte and a little darker. These photos keep turning out different to the others wtf bathroom please get your shit together. ;~; But these do pretty much completely come off after eating, which suuucks but they're the sweetest colours. ;u; All shades of pink~!

  • Wonderful smells! ;u; (i luv orange ok and lemon and stawberry omg)
  • Cute colours~
  • Cheap~!
  • It's a candy stick plz guys plz (ok i was like... i'm pretty sure this is an exact like from a previous candy stick review? lmfao it is /shot)
  • Twist out gloss~ /love
  • You do indeed have to reapply it, but for such a cute colour, it's not as much a dislike; more of a "IF IT WAS A TINT I'D CRY"
After trying them without clear gloss on top, I'm suuuuper excited to try them with different glosses and such. ;uuuu; ~~
Anyway, I love love looove these glosses, they're definitely something you should get; esp. if you're like me and hoard all the cute glosses. ;u; ~!


  1. I thought it would be orange based on the name lol. The packaging is uber cute! ^^

    1. So did I! But it came out really pink. ^^
      And yyees, this is some of my favourite packaging. So cuuute. ;u;