Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Berry Choux

"This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.
<Recipe for Baby Choux Skin>
You need... Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 Spoon of Moisture, 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness
[Directions] Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion."
First off, how dO YOU GET A CHOUX  COMPLEXION LIKE I DON'T UNDERSTAND???????? Etude what drugs are you riding on right now??
Anyway, I bought the one for pale skin, which I assumed just meant it didn't really do much but holy shit it makes my skin lighter... Which I'm like ???that's possible??? The first time I used it I was like "I don't want  to put on BB cream this is so cute." /insert me caressing my own face lovingly
Anyway, it's a.. 'choux~y' kind of cream, if you also think your makeup looks like pastry (OKAY I TRIED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT CHOUX MEANT AND IT CAME UP WITH PASTRY DON'T JUDGE I TRIED I TRIED).
and then a few seconds later I was like "HOLY SHIT SWEET RECIPE WOW YOU DUMB SELF. IT'S /MEANT TO BE RELATING TO PASTRY BECAUSE IT IS A SWEET RECIPE/" ignore all pastry related dumb on my part.
And the jar is possibly THE cutest thing in the entire world.
And here is without any makeup~
and then with the base
???why did I get paler??? Like, it's only subtle-ish on camera I guess, but it manages to hide my redness pretty well and hides all my freckles and such. Like... Cats Wink Base didn't do this good? /bow on ground to Etude all hail Etude (maybe just because it was a little too dark for me but idk)
Anyway, I love this. It's so wonderful. ;u; If there's one thing I like more than being pale, it's makeup that makes me paler. /shot
  • Whitening~ Brightening~
  • Cute /obvious like for everything
  • You don't need much to cover your entire face
  • with this + BB cream, it's just like I DON'T NEED POWDER YES
  • Only around $13 or so
  • I have to put BB cream over it and that makes me a little darker and I /cry ._.
OOTD/FOTDMan, blogger is being an asshole with pictures of my face from my iPhone, I'm actually going to have to start taking them from my camera. hbfdhkgsfgcxz

I also wore my SNSD pin today (to attract friends????) and got a few people like look at me again because of it??? Like it was on my boob so you're either trying to peek under my jacket or you're looking at Soshi pin??? Be my friends. ;A;

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