Sunday, May 5, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Colour PK001 Blueberry Cheese Cake

I seriously had to download a new internet browser for blogger to work properly wtf
Anyway, much like the last one of these I reviewed, I'm still having trouble with how creamy it is on my eyes and how dry it is on my lips; whenever I put moisturizer on my lips beforehand, it just flakes up and my eye primer seems to do nothing for cream eyeshadows and once again I don't usually wear blush, even though I should. ;u;

Firstly, when I put it on~

It's a super cute pinky colour~ Even though I assumed it'd be a dark purple? LOL I just... Assumed because of blueberry? Idk it's a cute colour nonethless. (Lately I'm wearing a darker BB cream because of the cats wink accident and I'm waiting for my new BB to come in ;a; stawp judgin my darkness)
And eyeshadow~
Looked super cute and made my lenses look even pinker when I was wearing it, but there was still this problem;
 After an hour, the eyeshadow will immediately aim for the crease in my eye even with primer...
And when it's a lipstick, it drying out and becoming a less cute colour (omg please ignore my faces I'm not sure why I wanted to duckface so much in one day??? this is a horrible photo ngl)

I mean, they are SUPER CUTE when you put them on but I don't think I'd really suggest them unless you enjoy fixing up your makeup every hour or so or you really /really/ want this colour and will deal with the pain of it. I mean, I loooooove the colour but it's just a really big pain? :<
My likes/dislikes are basically the same as the previous one, I'm going to keep trying out the colours in different ways but I don't think it's going to get better. ;~;

OOTD from the 29th when I was going to post this orz
Cuuuutest top ever! ;u;
I'm also going to start posting my gets onto my instagram so I stop cluttering the blog with too many clothing trips LOL
Also thinking of changing my url but I'm not sure. ;~;


  1. what will you change your url to? and thats annoying about blueberry color thing, i've heard thats a problem with 'all over' products tho. have you tried using a lipscrub before applying it?

    alsooo what bb cream did you end up getting?

    1. I'm not entirely sure what I should change it to yet. ;~; I might change it to what my other urls are (sobori) or something of the like. ;~;
      Yeah, I have read a few reviews about all over products doing this kind of thing but completely tossed it that knowledge out the window when I bought all of these LOL

      Ooohh I'll definitely try a lipscrub the next time I use these~ :o

      And I got an Etude one... Precious Mineral BB Cream. :> I had quite a few testers of it so I tried them out before buying it. ;u;

    2. sobori is cute ~ but yea i just went with the same name/username i use everywhere cause i couldn't think of a better one lol @_@

      and ooh cool i look forward to your review of it ~ i actually have like 2 different bb creams on their way to me, as well as that new tony moly cc cream lol so much money spent on cosmetics sigh sigh

    3. Yeah, it is. ;u; Your url is super cute. hahah. :>
      I understand though, usually my urls are universal and if I change one I'm like, "Hmm... I should probably change the other."

      I really can't wait for it to arrive because the current one I have is a Liole one and it's too dark because I bought it a year+ ago when I was a little darker. ;A;
      LOL I understand that too! I buy way too much so currently I'm not allowing myself to buy more until I review every single one I haven't. :P