Sunday, May 12, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #2 Light Beige Bright Fit

WARNING: Don't be dumb like me and press the button 500 times because it's stuck.  It WILL launch BB cream across the room onto your wall.
Annnyyyywaaaayyy... Being dumb as shit aside, I got this because of the tonymoly explosion incident and was using some Liole BB cream that was too dark for about a week there. See examples here:
 Liole compared to
new Etude BB cream ;u;
I put this on my face and was instantly like "holy God it matches my skin tone so well". :>
But I don't know, the darkness of Liole doesn't seem too bad in photos, but it was awful irl but I also didn't want to continue the no-makeup trend I'd had since I got sick last. ;a;
&a huge glob of the cream & a picture of it rubbed in (because I'm also wearing powder in the above picture ;u; )
 At first I didn't really think it'd match but then...

  • Matches my pale, pale skin really well ;u;
  • Easily applied~~
  • Fairly cheap, was only $14 or so on ebay?? 
  • It's apparently anti-wrinkle bring it on etude ;uuuu; bring thE ANTI-WRINKLE
  • Whitening/anti-darkening~
  • Cover my redness well
  • it's motherfuckin pink this is some kawaii shit right here
  • I'm biased towards Etude you should all know this by now okay
  • I launched it at my wall...
 I sat down near a lady in my English class and she was like "Your jumper is so cute!" lololol 
 I love this shirt so much I fjkhdjsgkjhggxckxk /die
I really wanted to start getting into cute clothing but I keep buying black, white, red and dark green clothing. fffghjgff I want to be a cute girl too. ;u;

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