Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bottom eyelashes~! /shoot self

I hate them omfg like they look ridiculous? I finally got around to ACTUALLY PUTTING THEM ON MY FACE over eyeshadow (a fair amount) and they just look awful as heck omg ;A;
Like... The first time I went to wear them I was like "this looks bad, I won't try it..." but today I was like LEMME TRY IT IT COULD BE FUN
On another hand, I can do this and look fucking terrifying as shit.

But I just generally looked pretty dumb.
My face isn't* cute enough for this. :<
*Someday I will pull this off omg
Yeah, any tips on making them look less terrifying? Or am I only ever allowed to look like a freaky child with them on?
Maybe I'll just /not/ do anything with bottom lashes and stick to top and mascara. Hahah.


I finally wore this super cute shirt that I bought in America last year~ It took me six months to actually figure out what to wear it with. :<
And my leek necklace! It is actually the cutest and I never wear it because it doesn't go with anything at all. Hahah.
I am also trying to force myself into being more hardworking when it comes to extensions and makeup seeing as there were a few weeks there where I couldn't be bothered because of sickness/sleeping instead. hahah.
I never wanted the people in my classes to see me without makeup. I look awful. ;A; /too late now.

In other news,  I still haven't made any on-campus friends or Sydney-in-general friends and the free pizza offer is still available and I can do your makeup for you and you can borrow my clothes and we'll have a cute pizza-picnic where we take cute selcas? Please? /BEG FOR FRIENDS TO BE HONEST


  1. I have bottom lashes and idk like the first time I tried them I looked so scary too @_@ but i am going to try using them in a few different ways to see if i can actually get my money's worth cause they were expensive and yeaaa.

    if i was in sydney id be ur frienddd. hit me up if youre ever in edinburgh or oslo or texas woop woop

    1. Yeah idk if they'll ever work on me but I'm gonna keep trying them (at the end of the day so no one sees me >_>) but I doubt they'll work. hahahah ;A;
      Mine were like $15 for a pack of 10 or something? Which idk is okay but I don't want them to sit there doing nothing. :<

      Aaaww I wish you were. hahahah. omg what if I go to one of those places and you're not there? :P

    2. hmm, if you go to texas you can be friends with my (excellent) best friend in austin; if you're in edinburgh you can be friends with my flatmates; and if you're in oslo you can be friends with my boyfriend woohoo! i can just force them to be your friend, nothing can go wrong !!

    3. Friends everywhere, omg. ;A;
      Hahahahah most of my kind-of-friends here were force because they live with me, but they're not really hangout kinds of friends/they don't like the same things as me so it's like, "WHO DO I TAKE CUTE PICTURES WITH???"