Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FOTD/OOTD/Rambling - 28-29/05


Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #2 Orange Candy

The last Candy Stick to review~ :>
And possibly my favourite~ ;u;
Pretty sure in the other ones, I didn't mention that they smelled like their flavours? Which is something I super, super love. ;u;
 Bare lips/excuse steam, I was putting on makeup when my bathroom was steamy. /bad camera taker... carer of...

After putting it on~

Aaand after my class~
As the others, it gets matte and a little darker. These photos keep turning out different to the others wtf bathroom please get your shit together. ;~; But these do pretty much completely come off after eating, which suuucks but they're the sweetest colours. ;u; All shades of pink~!

  • Wonderful smells! ;u; (i luv orange ok and lemon and stawberry omg)
  • Cute colours~
  • Cheap~!
  • It's a candy stick plz guys plz (ok i was like... i'm pretty sure this is an exact like from a previous candy stick review? lmfao it is /shot)
  • Twist out gloss~ /love
  • You do indeed have to reapply it, but for such a cute colour, it's not as much a dislike; more of a "IF IT WAS A TINT I'D CRY"
After trying them without clear gloss on top, I'm suuuuper excited to try them with different glosses and such. ;uuuu; ~~
Anyway, I love love looove these glosses, they're definitely something you should get; esp. if you're like me and hoard all the cute glosses. ;u; ~!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

FOTD/OOTD/Makeup stuff/Rambling~ 24/05 ~

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #3 Lemon Candy

I keep trying to be cute in these, but it always turns up semi-weird. Hahaha, like... I keep trying to wink ???? /fail.

I'm quickly falling in love with these glosses. ;u; Like, I thought I loved my Tonymoly Bunny Lip glosses a lot but the Sweet Recipe ones are so wonderful so far. ;u; and soooo cuuuute (bunnies are also cute but look it's a cane!)
Here's without gloss on~
And with! I honestly wasn't expecting such a pink colour from a yellow bar, but it turned out super cute and super subtle, which I looove. ;u;
The problem though, was that this one got stuck and won't roll back in, it still closes but it's a fair way out. ;A; My other one didn't do that though so I may have just dumbed out and broken it? I'm not sure. ;;;
Anyway, after a few hours + eating~
Sorry this picture is so dark, I put the camera too close to my face~ @___@
But the gloss did indeed get darker as the day went on, which was confusing. It also became fairly matte like the other one did~
  • Cuuute
  • Nice colour~
  • cheap ~ around $5 :>
  • Lasts a little while ;uuu;
  • I broke it orz

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OOTD/FOTD/Rambling 22/05

So I made this a new blogpost because I rambled on so much and didn't think I'd put it on my review. ;u;

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #1 Strawberry Candy

 The other day I was like, man, I'm gonna take cute pictures of me with the products because fuck everything I'm cute... /vain/ So have a picture of my very failed wink.
In other news, aaaaawwhhh, I love the Strawberry Candy one ;u; ~ Apart from the fact that I have to reapply it, it's such a cute colour~ I haven't tried the yellow or orange ones yet because I keep tinting my lips but I'm planning to sometime soon. ;u; ~~~
Here's a picture with bare lips~ (Or maybe I have BB cream on them hahahfgdhjkcx)
Yeah I definitely have BB cream on them. I usually wipe it off before I put stuff on but apparently didn't for the photo. & here's with the stick gloss on~

 So, so, so, so cute. ;u;
It doesn't last a long time, though since it's not a tint I really didn't expect it to. Here is what was left after my two hour tutorial~

 It mostly just got less shiny and more matte. :> It's still cute, nevertheless, and I looove it. ;u; I've worn it quite a few times now~ :>
  • Suuuuuuper cute colour~
  • Only around $5, which is wonderful :>
  • It's a candy stick plz guys plz
  • It's like a lipstick, where you twist it out, so you don't have to deal with goddamn little tiny brushes .__. /pet hate lmfao
  • Doesn't last ages, but is just a lipgloss, so this is kinda not really a dislike ;;;

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Berry Choux

"This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.
<Recipe for Baby Choux Skin>
You need... Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 Spoon of Moisture, 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness
[Directions] Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion."
First off, how dO YOU GET A CHOUX  COMPLEXION LIKE I DON'T UNDERSTAND???????? Etude what drugs are you riding on right now??
Anyway, I bought the one for pale skin, which I assumed just meant it didn't really do much but holy shit it makes my skin lighter... Which I'm like ???that's possible??? The first time I used it I was like "I don't want  to put on BB cream this is so cute." /insert me caressing my own face lovingly
Anyway, it's a.. 'choux~y' kind of cream, if you also think your makeup looks like pastry (OKAY I TRIED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT CHOUX MEANT AND IT CAME UP WITH PASTRY DON'T JUDGE I TRIED I TRIED).
and then a few seconds later I was like "HOLY SHIT SWEET RECIPE WOW YOU DUMB SELF. IT'S /MEANT TO BE RELATING TO PASTRY BECAUSE IT IS A SWEET RECIPE/" ignore all pastry related dumb on my part.
And the jar is possibly THE cutest thing in the entire world.
And here is without any makeup~
and then with the base
???why did I get paler??? Like, it's only subtle-ish on camera I guess, but it manages to hide my redness pretty well and hides all my freckles and such. Like... Cats Wink Base didn't do this good? /bow on ground to Etude all hail Etude (maybe just because it was a little too dark for me but idk)
Anyway, I love this. It's so wonderful. ;u; If there's one thing I like more than being pale, it's makeup that makes me paler. /shot
  • Whitening~ Brightening~
  • Cute /obvious like for everything
  • You don't need much to cover your entire face
  • with this + BB cream, it's just like I DON'T NEED POWDER YES
  • Only around $13 or so
  • I have to put BB cream over it and that makes me a little darker and I /cry ._.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes PK001 Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse

I wasn't actually going to buy any of these, since I have a few big palettes of eyeshadow that I SHOULD use up before buying more, but since the guy who I bought off on ebay got my order wrong, I received this instead of an all over colour (that I ended up getting sent free to me after orz). I'm so happy I got this though because it's so cuuuute. ;u; These two colours are the cutest ever, aaahh.
I wasn't really even planning on buying any of these because they're nearly exactly like one of their old line of eyeshadows, but these are cute so idek. ;u;
As with most Etude eyeshadows I've bought, you need primer! or else it won't really turn up, it'll mostly be glittery.
You can hardly see it with primer on my camera, but it's pretty vivid in real life. I did indeed swatch it without primer, but it's literally just glitter so you can't see it. You neeeeed primer for Etude eyeshadows (or basically any other, even just to keep it on for longer).
I'm really happy with this though, I was trying to find a cute pink to wear today and remembered this. gjhsdfjkg ;u; it is so super cute~

  • They come with a few colour mixes
  • Cute packaging
  • Cute colours
  • Small, so I don't have to carry a bigger palette around
  • $8. If you're lucky.
  • Only 2 colours.
  • Easy to mix the colours together ;~;
  • the glitters like to go everywhere ;A;
I suggest these ONLY IF YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO; because I know you can get more colours and cheaper elsewhere; my eyeshadow seems to be the only thing that I'm really picky about prices with because you usually can't see it. ;~;  and $8 for two colours wouldn't be something I'd pay, unless it was super vivid without primer. The only reason I like this a lot is because it was accidentally free. :<


Monday, May 13, 2013

URL changed~

It's finally changed~ yay. ;u; I was kind of itching to change it for the last week but held out. ;;;; I did indeed have to add another i though~ I thought sobori wasn't taken but it was. ;;;;

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #2 Light Beige Bright Fit

WARNING: Don't be dumb like me and press the button 500 times because it's stuck.  It WILL launch BB cream across the room onto your wall.
Annnyyyywaaaayyy... Being dumb as shit aside, I got this because of the tonymoly explosion incident and was using some Liole BB cream that was too dark for about a week there. See examples here:
 Liole compared to
new Etude BB cream ;u;
I put this on my face and was instantly like "holy God it matches my skin tone so well". :>
But I don't know, the darkness of Liole doesn't seem too bad in photos, but it was awful irl but I also didn't want to continue the no-makeup trend I'd had since I got sick last. ;a;
&a huge glob of the cream & a picture of it rubbed in (because I'm also wearing powder in the above picture ;u; )
 At first I didn't really think it'd match but then...

  • Matches my pale, pale skin really well ;u;
  • Easily applied~~
  • Fairly cheap, was only $14 or so on ebay?? 
  • It's apparently anti-wrinkle bring it on etude ;uuuu; bring thE ANTI-WRINKLE
  • Whitening/anti-darkening~
  • Cover my redness well
  • it's motherfuckin pink this is some kawaii shit right here
  • I'm biased towards Etude you should all know this by now okay
  • I launched it at my wall...
 I sat down near a lady in my English class and she was like "Your jumper is so cute!" lololol 
 I love this shirt so much I fjkhdjsgkjhggxckxk /die
I really wanted to start getting into cute clothing but I keep buying black, white, red and dark green clothing. fffghjgff I want to be a cute girl too. ;u;

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Laneige Speedy & Safe Lip & Eye Remover for all skin types~

I've been using this product since around the start of last year when I got really into makeup and seeing as I didn't wear much last year, it's lasted me a fair while (the majority of it being used in the last six months~) to remove my eye and lip makeup.
As it says, speedy & safe, it really is. Myself, being a raging dumbass when it comes to things near my eyeballs, poke myself a lot when putting on and taking off makeup, which is why I ended up looking for a 'safer' product that didn't make my eyes sting when I, on cue, shoved the makeup wipe in my eye. Majority of the time, unless you've been wearing falsies and have leftover glue on your eyelid, it comes off after holding the wipe with product on it after about 30 seconds and what's left you can wipe away easily.
My eye after taking off falsies and taking out lenses~ Sometimes I hear people use remover to take off their falsies but I don't have neeever done it that way. ;;;;

And yeah, you just hold it against your eye (closed eye, just... yeah.) for up to 30 seconds, definitely up to 30 seconds if you've been wearing falsies, then remove it and ta~da~
There were still a few remnants of eyeliner where the glue had been clumped up in (ooohh my skills at managing a glue brush~) and some glue under my eye but it removed all of my mascara, eyeshadow and yeah, majority of my eyeliner... And a lot of makeup around my eye.
For lips, you do the exact same as eyes, then wash off your mouth afterwards so you don't eat it, because it doesn't taste nice. Trust me. :>

This product comes with instructions in, I think?? if I remember correctly, various languages; but that's long gone now so I couldn't tell you. I just vaguely remember reading instructions in English and pulling the book out to be like "HOLY CRAP THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT IN HERE". Anyway... 

  • Ranges from $10-$25 depending on where you buy, so fairly good for something that's lasted 6 months of nearly daily use. 
  • Removes makeup fairly quickly~
  • It's pink don't even think this isn't a like
  • Removes waterproof makeup
  • It's for all skin types.
  • I'm running out :<

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bottom eyelashes~! /shoot self

I hate them omfg like they look ridiculous? I finally got around to ACTUALLY PUTTING THEM ON MY FACE over eyeshadow (a fair amount) and they just look awful as heck omg ;A;
Like... The first time I went to wear them I was like "this looks bad, I won't try it..." but today I was like LEMME TRY IT IT COULD BE FUN
On another hand, I can do this and look fucking terrifying as shit.

But I just generally looked pretty dumb.
My face isn't* cute enough for this. :<
*Someday I will pull this off omg
Yeah, any tips on making them look less terrifying? Or am I only ever allowed to look like a freaky child with them on?
Maybe I'll just /not/ do anything with bottom lashes and stick to top and mascara. Hahah.


I finally wore this super cute shirt that I bought in America last year~ It took me six months to actually figure out what to wear it with. :<
And my leek necklace! It is actually the cutest and I never wear it because it doesn't go with anything at all. Hahah.
I am also trying to force myself into being more hardworking when it comes to extensions and makeup seeing as there were a few weeks there where I couldn't be bothered because of sickness/sleeping instead. hahah.
I never wanted the people in my classes to see me without makeup. I look awful. ;A; /too late now.

In other news,  I still haven't made any on-campus friends or Sydney-in-general friends and the free pizza offer is still available and I can do your makeup for you and you can borrow my clothes and we'll have a cute pizza-picnic where we take cute selcas? Please? /BEG FOR FRIENDS TO BE HONEST

Monday, May 6, 2013

Changing url~

Soon I'll be changing my url to sobori, just fyi for anyone that reads this blog (ngl I am lying to myself) and isn't subscribed~
It'll be changed to sobori in a week, just so everyone knows. ;u;

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Colour PK001 Blueberry Cheese Cake

I seriously had to download a new internet browser for blogger to work properly wtf
Anyway, much like the last one of these I reviewed, I'm still having trouble with how creamy it is on my eyes and how dry it is on my lips; whenever I put moisturizer on my lips beforehand, it just flakes up and my eye primer seems to do nothing for cream eyeshadows and once again I don't usually wear blush, even though I should. ;u;

Firstly, when I put it on~

It's a super cute pinky colour~ Even though I assumed it'd be a dark purple? LOL I just... Assumed because of blueberry? Idk it's a cute colour nonethless. (Lately I'm wearing a darker BB cream because of the cats wink accident and I'm waiting for my new BB to come in ;a; stawp judgin my darkness)
And eyeshadow~
Looked super cute and made my lenses look even pinker when I was wearing it, but there was still this problem;
 After an hour, the eyeshadow will immediately aim for the crease in my eye even with primer...
And when it's a lipstick, it drying out and becoming a less cute colour (omg please ignore my faces I'm not sure why I wanted to duckface so much in one day??? this is a horrible photo ngl)

I mean, they are SUPER CUTE when you put them on but I don't think I'd really suggest them unless you enjoy fixing up your makeup every hour or so or you really /really/ want this colour and will deal with the pain of it. I mean, I loooooove the colour but it's just a really big pain? :<
My likes/dislikes are basically the same as the previous one, I'm going to keep trying out the colours in different ways but I don't think it's going to get better. ;~;

OOTD from the 29th when I was going to post this orz
Cuuuutest top ever! ;u;
I'm also going to start posting my gets onto my instagram so I stop cluttering the blog with too many clothing trips LOL
Also thinking of changing my url but I'm not sure. ;~;