Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tonymoly Pocket Bunny Mist #1 for Dry Skin

Heeeeeeeeeeeello~ I've been sick for the past week or since whenever I last updated which sucked so much omfg but it's okay! Because hello, I am here~ /flail

Anyyyway, I've been using this for the past year... Or so? Since last January, at least.
It's wonderful, I think I'm going to marry it~ I have the worst, driest skin ever and this is like happiness in a bottle whenever I use it.
I usually spray it on both my cheeks and forehead, then spread it around over the dry spots (lmao all of my face wow) and then dab it off with a tissue and then I have a normal non-dry skin face. ;u; /cradles bunny mist in happiness.
I mean, if you have dry skin and the bunny didn't convince you that it'd work, I'm questioning your bunny love and hoarding it for myself (and the bow tie IT'S A BUNNY IN A BOW TIE).
There's also one for oily skin, but I have dry skin so I'm no help with that one.

  • It puts moisture into my SUPER, SUPER DRY SKIN ;U;
  • It's a bunny I love bunnies
  • If you have dry skin, you would understand how nice it is when your skin isn't flaky ;u;
  • It lasts more than a year~ I'm up to my second container thing. :>
  • It's cheap! Lovely skin for cheap ;uuuuu;
  • Only have to apply it in the morning and it'll keep your face non-dry all day.
  • I broke the spray~thing from my last bottle. (but I did bash it around a lot so not really a dislike?)
I juuuuust aahh, really recommend this for dry skin. ;u; 'cause mine is really awful and it works wonders for me. :>

 This outfit is basically another outfit I wore with a different dress and different jumper but looks pretty much the same orz (the other one was still cuter tho :<)

And a cuuuuute outfit from when I was sick so I didn't wear makeup ;A; (too much reapplying after blowing my nose orz)

I also left the dorm and when outside the door and flipped the fuck out 'cause I was suddenly boxed in and they've started work on our old dorm and we're moving dorms tomorrow. ;A; ugghghhghg painful shit omfg

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