Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Really unflattering days in Canberra + Gets + Favourite fashion atm~

I was reunited with my green wall that makes me magically look cuter without makeup (+instagram filter please love me) and my wardrobe became a little more colourful via my mothers decisions for my clothing gets (much more flattering than usual.), realised my wardrobe in Canberra only held unflattering clothes and decided that dresses + tights + cardigans would be what I'd wear the entire last week of school.Under cut for lengthy boring~ness.

 When I first got there I looked in my cupboard and was like, "Holy shit... I've made such a bad decision..." because I'd only brought one pair of shorts, a shirt and a pair of my favourite boots that had to be fixed by dad because I'd pulled the bottom off of them.
So then enter the giant shirt, hole-in-armpit cardigan, cut-from-jeans shorts and flats; my most hated type of shoe.
And we ended up walking to the mall that day. Ow, flats, ow. In  better news,  I bought an ipad cover for my laptop that fit magically, a new binder for my T-ARA star cards and a pink mouse.
And a cute picture of Liam to make this post cuter.

 And in EVEN WORSE NEWS, I seemed to have only left super long socks in Canberra, so seeing as I didn't want  to wear my super tight jeans yet, I needed long socks to the rescue. (Oh, high  school, I feel you with me.)
 I was wearing long cat socks, high converse and awful loose jeans with this before, but I decided to not leave the house reminiscing high school via my clothing. Awful, awful clothes left in Canberra.
 And finally, my awful tight jeans that are fairly uncomfy to sit and/or move in, that make my legs look like twigs via bloodloss and awful, ugly converse. (boots please come back, I'm sorry I treated you badly)
And one more, where I look 12 in my mothers ski jacket because she said I'd be cold.
I was.
I had no makeup in Canberra.
It hurts to look 12.

AND GETS. ;u; I would like to ~formally~  thank my mother for liking to shop as much as me.
Things she chose out for me (she's been surprisingly good picking out things for me lately)
 She pulled out the shirt from the rack and just went THIS IS CUTE, IT'S YOURS and bought it for me. wtf best mum. The  white is actually lacy and super cute.
And my room is a  mess, but editing pictures is not my forte because I am lazy so #putupwithitplease
I chose these jeans, which I'll show better  after these posts, they have the cutest design.
 Surprisingly cute for something my mum likes, but it shows why I don't wear jeans...Because my legs look small and  chubby with them on... esp. patterned ones like this ;A;
 She chose these because, and I quote, "They have so many pockets! If you don't feel like carrying a bag, you won't need one!" unquote. Holy shit mum I just...Some things you  say.  But still, stubby  legs oh god.
 I honestly didn't think this would be cute until I put it on and now it's like omfg  this is the cutest  thing ever???? wtf
And idk this makes  me look like I should be at the beach but my mum wants me to "show my figure when I have it???" Here, have some "figure" lmfao
And then, things I chose~
 We went to the farmers markets in Yass and I saw this and was basically like TAKE MY MONEY TAKE IT
 And this is the pattern from the jeans in the first picture of what my mum chose.They were like $49 though wtf they were in the 25% off pile but were full price and  my mum didn't tell the checkout lady that and decided to make me feel bad about it OTL
 A cuuuute white see-through shirt. ;u; that I love so much, wow.
 "Aztec shirt" says the tag LOL it has a cute cutout back to it as well, which I'll take a picture of at some point...
 idk  what I was thinking with this one, it didn't turn out as nice... But it was  like $5. I'll somehow make it work. /cry
 I showed this to mum and she seems to be understanding my likes more because she  was like, "Wow, you need to get  that!" mum are you high
But it has a cute uh... Cross on  the back in  the form of studs. :>
And EVERYONE LOVES BOOTS IF YOU DON'T LOVE BOOTS then you probably should start liking them because it's all I  like to wear.

And now~ Favourite fashion atm~ Dresses, cardigans, tights and girly boots make me feel wonderful omg ;u; It just looks so... Cuuute? I wish I wore my extensions more but it's been really hot lately when I have them in.
And I can't wait for uni to  start again so  I can start up daily makeup once more. :> (no energy to in holidays wtf)

I recently dug up these tights again and man  I love them so much ;u;
I'm sorry this was boring woW


  1. aww soo many cute outfits!!! my mom does the same thing, but she's gradually better understanding my style so it's cooool for the most part. i really like your high socks ~ i have a pair but i'm too shy to wear them outside BUT I WILL EVENTUALLY sometime whenever maybe next year.

    also yesterday my friends and i were discussing how canberra was the capital of australia and no one knew that! the end

    1. hehe thank you ;u;
      Aah, it got really bad there for a while when she started buying me things that she'd wear.
      And I love high socks, but the majority I had had all these awful prints on them. hahaha
      You should definitely wear them out, though! They're usually super cute when you have the wardrobe to match. :>

      Aaahhh yeah, everyone I talk to from overseas is like, "SHUTUP SYDNEY IS THE CAPITAL" hehehe ;~;