Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ramblings ;u;

I made a really cute sim the other day~
But the game kept glitching so I couldn't keep playing her sobsobsob
I don't really have any reviews since it's the holidays and all I've done is sit in my dorm room and play sims and procrastinate some more on assignments (some I should've handed in before holidays /gets slap) that I'm planning on spending all day tomorrow on. ;A;
Under cut is kpop rambling ngjsdhhshzcxv

well... kinda? idk T-ARA N4 are having their debut and then Hello Venus are coming back with "Do You Want Some Tea?"

look at the cuties
yes i would like some tea from you ;A;

I've already preordered both the albums stop judgin' I had to wait for N4 to be put up online aND THEY BOTH RELEASE THE SAME DAY I don't have to wait for ages for the other to be released ;u;

I still haven't received T-ARA's Bunny Style though... I ordered them all at once... :<
Well... I received Boram & Qri's Bunny Styles... Kinda... Extras I ordered at different times. sob. I want all the others though.
But I may have already bought all Boram's photocards. /shot
... The title is ramblings for a reason.
Anyway, have N4's teasers..
They're super cute and it makes me really excited for this and them for Soyeon, Boram and Qri Japanese unit because nkfgsdkgh three favourites in a subunit do you know how excited I am? ;u;
I just /really/ want my Bunny Style albums rn wow

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