Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ramblings ;u;

I made a really cute sim the other day~
But the game kept glitching so I couldn't keep playing her sobsobsob
I don't really have any reviews since it's the holidays and all I've done is sit in my dorm room and play sims and procrastinate some more on assignments (some I should've handed in before holidays /gets slap) that I'm planning on spending all day tomorrow on. ;A;
Under cut is kpop rambling ngjsdhhshzcxv

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Really unflattering days in Canberra + Gets + Favourite fashion atm~

I was reunited with my green wall that makes me magically look cuter without makeup (+instagram filter please love me) and my wardrobe became a little more colourful via my mothers decisions for my clothing gets (much more flattering than usual.), realised my wardrobe in Canberra only held unflattering clothes and decided that dresses + tights + cardigans would be what I'd wear the entire last week of school.Under cut for lengthy boring~ness.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cats Wink Shiny Skin BB Cream

I wasn't ever  planning on reviewing this but since this is the second container that has exploded on me, I decided it was a good idea.
The first time was when I first received it, the container was exploded in the box, I thought "Oh it must just be because of shipping", told the seller and they sent me a new one. Then this one, that leaked a few times and I thought was okay  was in my makeup bag and I went to take stuff out and put other stuff in and this was  exploded all over my eyeliner and Dear My lipstick. 
It tore around the nozzle. w t f
I  should've realised when it started leaking, but I was like "Oh I must've just had a bunch on my hands  when I closed it". dumb dumb dumb

Not to say this is a bad product, I use it a lot (lol not anymore) but I'm not going to rebuy it because I don't want my good makeup  exploded on all over again. It does give good coverage of redness and such, but I just dnw anymore.
It was just a little leaky.
I ended up chucking my makeup bag. ;~~;

This wasn't really a review, just a BE CAREFUL AND DON'T PUT IT IN  ANYTHING IMPORTANT. :<
Anyway, any good bb creams that people can suggest? :>

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Waterful Grapefruit Mask

Heeellooo~ I am being such a lazy blogger  right noooow oh my god. I'm not even going to make excuses, I was just being lazy. :P
So this, with its super long-winded name, is an overnight wash off face mask and I've been using it for uh... I don't actually know... About four months?
It suggests you use it 1-2  times a week, So I use it on Wednesdays and Saturdays (unneeded information) and put it on just before bed,  making sure it has time to dry so I don't roll around on my pillows and make them wet even though grapefruit pillows would be okay.
I forget what it's meant to do...
Be kawaaaaii and bluushhhy and look huuuggable? idk wait I'll look it up.
I DON'T EVEN KNOW I JUST KNOW IT MAKES MY FACE FEEL SQUISHY AND then doesn't because I'm like mmmmm feelin' up my face until oh god i've made my face all  dry by rubbing it

Oh wow of course this ONE  IS MOISTURIZING and there are two others, one is a pore one and the other has a bandaid on its face to imma assume it fixes up redness or something

So this definitely has been moisturizing my face, each day or so after I use it I don't need my bunny moist mist stuff~ :>
Oh, but it's a hand-dip container which I know everyone seems to hate.
because it contains cooties and bacteria
buy sponges, kids.
  • It does indeed moisturize my face
  • It's cute
  • It's fairly cheap
  • Smells like wonderful waterful ;u;
  • Seohyun is  in  some pictures with this SNSD POWER BUY THE  CUTE
  • ewww bacteria ewww germs
  • i wish it got rid of pimples too
  • no one likes you pimples
rambling under heeer e yay

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tonymoly Pocket Bunny Mist #1 for Dry Skin

Heeeeeeeeeeeello~ I've been sick for the past week or since whenever I last updated which sucked so much omfg but it's okay! Because hello, I am here~ /flail

Anyyyway, I've been using this for the past year... Or so? Since last January, at least.
It's wonderful, I think I'm going to marry it~ I have the worst, driest skin ever and this is like happiness in a bottle whenever I use it.
I usually spray it on both my cheeks and forehead, then spread it around over the dry spots (lmao all of my face wow) and then dab it off with a tissue and then I have a normal non-dry skin face. ;u; /cradles bunny mist in happiness.
I mean, if you have dry skin and the bunny didn't convince you that it'd work, I'm questioning your bunny love and hoarding it for myself (and the bow tie IT'S A BUNNY IN A BOW TIE).
There's also one for oily skin, but I have dry skin so I'm no help with that one.

  • It puts moisture into my SUPER, SUPER DRY SKIN ;U;
  • It's a bunny I love bunnies
  • If you have dry skin, you would understand how nice it is when your skin isn't flaky ;u;
  • It lasts more than a year~ I'm up to my second container thing. :>
  • It's cheap! Lovely skin for cheap ;uuuuu;
  • Only have to apply it in the morning and it'll keep your face non-dry all day.
  • I broke the spray~thing from my last bottle. (but I did bash it around a lot so not really a dislike?)
I juuuuust aahh, really recommend this for dry skin. ;u; 'cause mine is really awful and it works wonders for me. :>