Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tonymoly Backstage Sure Tint #1 Tiara Pink

Something that is not disappointing! It's soooo cute! I'm not sure how the brush will end up when I use it too much, but it's looking good so far. :P
Here are pictures with the tint WITHOUT gloss and WITH gloss :>

i LOVE IT OKAY I JUST /lies on floor to die tbh? It's such a cute colour. :>>>>

  • Such a cute pink~
  • Is a good buy! :>
  • (this is where i put how cute it is)
  • has a brush applicator~
  • It's hard to control how much tint comes out because it's one of those ones you twist the bottom to get stuff out? OTL
  • looks matte without gloss
 All in all, it's a good product as long as you can control the tint, hahahaha.
 Outfits of... When I haven't updated. HAHAH and faces! :> (under cut bc long orz)

(ew look my boots are different oh no what are we gonna doooo)

(I only took a picture of my face here bc i WAS LIKE I'M ONLY WEARING MASCARA AND GLOSS THIS IS SO WEIRD LET ME MAKE A RIDIC FACE YES) pls admire my really disturbing un~made face okay i look so different sobs tbh i was sick so i was like FUCK MAKEUP NO WANT
and no makeup for this orz
I'm kinda really in love with brown lenses wow
and I'm making a lens post soon... In like a minute tbh ahahahah

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