Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recent gets~

 Excuse me, I still don't get how moving blogspot pictures work. hahahahha. :<
I bought a super cute dress from Glassons~ Glassons makes me feel nice because I'm a size 6 there /shot
Then I bought some shorts (which look funny because I have these weird lacey undies on that make it bumpy shhh), another octopus ;uuuuu; and I received my Sweet Recipe Hightlighter & Cookie Pact. Ugh, I'm still angry that my tints, base, 3 in ones haven't arrived yet from the same seller. :< But hopefully I'll review these soon, since I already started using the cookie pact! ^^

Outfits from the last two days~! I haven't been wearing lashes and extensions lately just because of laziness hahah

I really look boring in all my selcas omg

Also a lady tried to sell me some sort of face wash and asked where I was from, I said Australia and she was like WHAT NATIONALITY and so I was like um uh British? and she was like WHOA NO WAY is that all? and I was like YEAH PRETTY SURE and then she told me she thought I was half-Asian.

wtf Sydney wtf

I am too white for that shit. I have had like five people say that to me this week alone, whilst wearing makeup and whilst not wearing makeup. #stopbeingondrugssydney

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