Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lens update #1~

Not really an update when it's #1 BUT WORK WITH ME HERE GUYS ;A;
Above are the lenses being retired, one pair from a random store in America, the rest from Pinkyparadise; GEO Crystal Light Brown, Venus Eye Wine Red and Venus Eye Aqua.
I also only wear my lenses for about six months before chucking them out for hygiene reasons. :> (I don't trust a year, no way! Too many people getting infections bc of wearing them too long haha)
 GEO Crystal Light Brown                                              Venus Eye Wine Red

 Venus Eye Aqua                                                        Those green lenses? L O L

 The newcomers are!~

The top ones, from geocolouredlenses.com, which I'll review after I manage to wear them all; I'm super psyched for the grey ones~! :'D
The bottom ones are from a store in Paddy's Market, Sydney, if anyone wants to know where, just ask and I'll give you the best directions I can. OTL
The brown ones on the bottom I've definitely, obviously already worn. :> (A LOT LOL)

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