Monday, March 25, 2013


I had ads for like... A day. wtf 
Anyway, yay clothes! /judged omg
I bought these from Temt because I need so many cute shorts. ;u;

 And someone needs to remind me to buy XS next time from Supre because their small is pretty goddamn big???? I was wondering why they had like 3XS. :< Both top & skirt are from Supre~
 And this top and skirt is too OTL
I really wanted more skirts though but these are surprisingly long on me. ;A;
 Dress is from Supre and jumper thing is from Temt.

 And the same jumper thing in black. ;u; (idk why I'm posing I just... aaahhh)
 AND THE SKINNIEST SKINNY JEANS I'VE EVER OWNED wtf and the cutest t-shirt~ ;u;
sgfhgjkjhgfshjjsdkhff help me i'm dying

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