Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ooohhh two gets post in a row /gets shot for buying too much.
Anyway, I bought the last stuff ages ago soooOOoOOo yeeaaahh..

... So since Diva has been having this 3 for 2 sale, I went and bought a necklace (which you can't see but it's on the bunny head) that's like a locket with a bunny on it ;u; and then the tiny pink bunny thing in front of the Reese's, which has another necklace in it but tbh I bought it for the outsides LOL, and then cute little clip on bunny ears that I'm probably going to get judged irl for. :<
Then I got the big bunny head, mini tripod and two packs of Reese's from The Reject Shop bc whO DOESN'T LOVE REESE'S AND WHO DOESN'T LOVE BUNNIES and I kept saying on Youtube I'd buy a tripod... Mini will do...
And I got a cute bra from Big W, yay! And two other things~
 This super cute pink jumper~ish thing, which has the cutest black bow on the back so I don't have to really go out of my way to not dress in black. ;u; It's meant to be a size 16 but omg it's not very big? I think this jumper is meant to be super tight but I wanted it to be cute and oversized ;~~~;

This shirt is, tbh, a kids shirt. /shot
I saw it and was like OH GOD THAT IS SO CUTE WHY IS IT IN THE KIDS SECTION AND NOT IN MY ARMS and Rosie told me I should just buy it in a size 14/16 kids and it'd fit... Which it did. LET'S JUST NOT TELL ANYONE IT'S A KIDS T-SHIRT, OKAY GUYS? sobs. It was only $3 so I love it. ;u;
I then got this at Cotton On, it looks kinda crappy here because I'm wearing a white singlet underneath orz hopefully it'll look better with black. ;~~~;
I was also going to buy this but it kinda turned out... Unflattering, to say the least. :<
Which makes me sad because it was super cute on the hanger.

&OOTD on the rare day I am wearing nearly no black :O

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