Monday, March 11, 2013

geocolouredlenses.com review~ C:

 So I bought the Geo Princess Mimi Combo, consisting of Apple Green, Chocolate Brown, Sesame grey and Almond brown; mostly because it was only $64.09 in total for FOUR GODDAMN PAIRS OF LENSES PRAISE THE LORD TBH ;A; and I really needed new ones hahahah
I've been wearing the almond brown ones the most because they honestly just enlarge my eyes seeing as the brown in the middle was my exact colour and it freaks people out a tiny bit less.
I was actually going to post my aquarium date then I was like I HAVEN'T REVIEWED IN AGES LET'S GOGOGO (plus I'm boring so idkkk :>)
Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

I took really badly angled photos that make my nose look huge but I don't really care. :>
Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey
I love love looooooveeeee this grey so much. ;u;

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green
 Sorry, this is a fairly blurry photo but I didn't realise until I uploaded it. :(
Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
The chocolate brown is fairly orange while not in my eyes, but since my eyes are super dark, they become waaayyy more brown. hahaha
All of these lenses are super, super comfortable!
  • So suuuuper comfy!
  • Best colours
  • Combo set prices are like stealing omg
  • fairly natural looking lenses
  • super quick delivery~!
  • They come with free cases /loves on
  • I CAN'T WEAR THEM FOR LONG ENOUGH I JUST WANNA WEAR THEM ALL DAY TBH ;A; (but I also want to keep my eyes hehehe)
OOTD/FOTD... s oops

The first one, I went to a toga party, we did have sheets buuuuuuuut they turned out looking like shit so we just wore white and our accessories and I wasn't going to take an FOTD shot but in my drunken state I was like WHY THE FUCK NOT LOOK AT MY FACE
The second outfit reminds me of T-ARA's Sexy Love outfits just bc the vest thing is kinda ringmaster~y IDK /runs away
and I haven't taken many the last few days because I had Liam over/I recycled a few outfits from past OOTD updates. :>

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